The Benefits of Landscape Lighting On Your Commercial Property

Commercial landscaping is all about maximizing the beauty, functionality, and safety of your commercial property grounds. What you may not realize is that the right choice of outdoor lighting can be just as important as mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, and keeping the flowers blooming during spring and summer.

Your commercial property will benefit from commercial ighting in many ways.
Installing landscape lighting on your commercial property can have some proven benefits to boost value, improve security, and improve tenant satisfaction.

When positioned strategically, landscape lighting shows off the architectural features of your building and creates an alluring ambiance that will attract potential tenants even after sundown.  In this blog, the team at Green Collar Landscaping shares tips for making the most out of this unique landscaping strategy.

Benefit #1: Curb appeal

As you survey the property, identify its most appealing features. Is there a majestic weeping willow tree in an area where tenants like to socialize or spend their lunch breaks? Spotlight it with some classy solar flood lights. Are there unique architectural details like ivy-covered brickwork or an ultra-modern silhouette? Call attention to them with accent lights or a wall-washing effect. If there is a fountain in the courtyard or an outdoor pool, use underwater LEDs to capture their nighttime tranquility.

Benefit #2: Extend tenant spaces

Homeowners have mastered the art of using lighting to turn outdoor spaces into an extension of their living areas. Path lights that lead the way to a beautifully-lit garden or socializing area will encourage tenants and their guests to use and enjoy the building’s outdoor spaces even after dark.

Benefit #3: Tenants feel safer

When common spaces like the courtyards, pool areas, walkways, and parking lots are well-lit, you don’t have to worry about tenants stumbling over anything or groping around in the darkness when they enter or leave the building. Properly positioned landscape lighting also makes the ground less appealing to potential intruders, as there are no dark areas where they can conceal themselves.

Benefit #4: Highlight the holidays

When the Christmas holidays roll around, few sights are more festive than a commercial building awash in traditional colours. When skillfully applied for decorative purposes, neon shades can invoke feelings of cheer and good will during the chilliest December.

Which lighting technique should you use?

With landscape lighting, your choices range from compact, standalone solar lights to more elaborate mounted options hardwired into the building’s electrical system. However, lighting type doesn’t matter as much as the way you apply it: the right technique will highlight important features after dark and make them even more inviting.

Below are some of the lighting arrangements we routinely set up at Green Collar Landscaping:

  • Path lighting: Place small standalone light fixtures along the borders of the property’s driveways, walkways, and outdoor seating areas to let tenants move around safely at night. These lights should be positioned so that they illuminate the path but aren’t close enough for pedestrians, cars, or snow plows to knock them aside.
  • Accent lighting: This is a term used to describe lighting designed to draw attention to a specific feature. Use carefully-angled lights to point out a climbing garden, vintage architectural asset, or similar feature. Here’s a tip: add an aura of mystery to your accent lights by using narrow beams from concealed fixtures.
  • Highlighting: One of the most popular landscape lighting techniques, highlighting is done by positioning a spotlight at the base of a key feature, like a statue, fountain, or especially breathtaking tree. For larger assets, you may need at least two fixtures to get the ideal amount of illumination, but once you hit the right combination, the results can be spectacular.
  • Silhouetting: Create an illuminated backdrop for dense features like blooming trees, shrubbery, and statues by placing a spotlight behind them and aiming it toward a nearby wall. The visual effect will be especially striking when the sun sets.
  • Shadowing:  Like silhouetting, shadowing positions the fixture at the base of the target feature and aims the light at an adjacent wall, but the goal is to produce a gentle yet dramatic shadowing effect. This technique works best with trees that have light foliage, as they throw more artistically-shaped shadows.
  • Up-lighting: If the side of your building has an impressive artistic touch like a mosaic, sculpture, or living wall, placing spotlights close to the wall will make the smallest details visible from a distance.
  • Down-lighting: Like up-lighting, down-lighting is used to highlight an accent feature. In this case, the fixtures are placed high up, inside a tree or eave or on a roof, and cast downwards over a wider area. This technique is often used to illuminate a pathway or show off a garden.
  • Wall-washing: This technique is similar to up-lighting, but the glow-like result is more subtle and soothing. The fixture is placed a few feet away from the facade and angled sideways to throw a subtle and even ambient lighting. For best results, use a wide-angle flood light with a low-wattage bulb.
  • Moonlighting: If you’re looking for a more natural result, the moonlighting technique involves placing a large light fixture with a glare guard up in a tree and angling it downward to create the impression of moonlight shining through the branches. The resulting shadow patterns on the ground are stunning without appearing staged or overdone.

Show off your commercial property 24-7

At Green Collar Landscaping, we specialize in commercial landscape lighting that will turn your building into an around-the-clock showpiece. Our experienced technicians will design, position, and install an LED illumination system that suits both your functional and aesthetic goals while remaining energy-efficient. For more information about how we can make your office building, residential highrise, or other commercial property look modern and appealing even at night, call 289.339.8746 for a free quote today.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

According to Mike Holmes of HGTV Canada, outside projects account for almost 40% of renovations and include such projects as decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, firepits and poolside landscaping. They also include adding water features, walkways, pathways and fencing. One of the most critical aspects of your renovation projects is the addition of outdoor lighting fixtures to enhance the overall effect of your property.

Outdoor lighting fixtures are one of the best ways to turn a dark environment into magic by installing low-voltage landscaping lighting. Landscape lighting adds interest and intrigue to any backyard setting. Lamp posts, front entry lanterns, driveway lights and spotlights add not only beauty and charm to your home, but they provide a safety feature for your family, friends and guests.


Landscape lights provide a soft ambience for guiding people along your garden’s pathways. They can add a subtle glow to trees, shrubs, pathways and patios. They can illuminate any dark zones in the backyard, artfully accentuate your property’s best features, or highlight your home’s architectural design. Front entry lanterns and lampposts offer a welcoming feature to your home while driveway lighting provides guidance and safety to the property.


Low voltage lighting can also provide added safety features near steps, rockery, or around the pool area. They can add additional light to brighten a patio area for outdoor entertaining. Low-voltage lighting is economical because it consumes about one-third the electricity compared to high-voltage systems, and it is far less expensive to install.


Consumers have many choices today because landscape lighting is very popular. There are many options to select from, such as durable plastic or corrosive-resistant metal. The lights come in a variety of colour finishes, so finding a set to suit your taste, and the budget is relatively easy.

Unlike solar fixtures, which require a certain amount of exposure to sunlight daily, low-level landscape lighting provides a consistent output of light in all different types of weather conditions.

Outside fixtures like lamp posts, front entry lanterns and driveway lights come in a variety of styles, material and colours that will add beauty and charm to the front of your home while providing visitors with the safety features of guiding lights.


By following some simple steps and basic guidelines, anyone can master the art of installing landscape lighting. Whether you’re a novice, or you’re handy with tools, the benefits of adding these decorative accents will create an ambiance of charm to any outdoor setting.

Plan your outside lighting layout by using a simple diagram of the area that is the focal point of your design. By doing a layout first, you will have a better sense of the quantity of materials that you require before moving on to the next phase.

Check around at your favourite retailer for a boxed set, and style, that you like. Whatever you decide, these kits provide you with everything that is needed, like the transformer, the outdoor lighting cable, the fixtures, and the low voltage light bulbs.

Professional Installation

If installing outdoor fixtures yourself is more than you can manage, a professional landscape company can help you design a plan and take the headache of installation out of your hands. They will work with you to create a landscape lighting paradise that will enhance your home and property while providing safety features that keep your family and friends protected from unnecessary accidents on the property.


Whichever route you decide upon, outdoor light fixtures offer beauty, safety and ambiance to any home and property. They provide a unique visual appeal that will set your home apart from others and increase the overall value of your home.

Summer Outdoor Lighting Options from Hamilton Landscaping Experts

Summer is here, and with it come the parties you will most certainly be hosting in your very own backyard. If you have the funds to spare, it won’t hurt to liven up your outdoor space, especially through the use of lighting fixtures. Aside from aesthetic reasons, the extra illumination will allow your guests to safely navigate the exterior as well as discourage would-be intruders from trespassing on your property.

Top Trending Backyard Designs

Every year there always seems to be some top trending backyard design that is being promoted and this year was no different. Backyards have become the new resort away from the maddening crowd and long drives from the cottage. Homeowners want a beautiful backyard with designs, additions and features that are both functional and an alluring retreat.


Regardless of the size or shape of a backyard, a makeover can turn a lacklustre yard into an appealing oasis of relaxation and entertainment. Creating a striking environment may seem like a challenge, but with planning and creativity, you can turn your backyard into something special and increase the value of your home. Here are five top trending backyard designs.


Patios play an important role in most backyards. It’s the perfect place for relaxing with family and friends. It’s an engaging outdoor room and entertainment area where grills, fire pits, outdoor furniture, hot tubs, planters and décor are all combined. To have the best and most functional patio design, you need to consider exposure to sun and shade, proximity to the house and outdoor views. Enhancing a patio area can be done easily and very economically.

Water Features

The beauty and tranquillity that a water garden adds to a backyard are incentives enough to create one of these stunning landscaping features. Water gardens can transform any outdoor living space into a natural oasis of serenity while creating a habitat to attract birds and butterflies. Complete pond kits will help you easily install a beautiful water garden. They come in a variety of sizes, specifications and can suit any size budget.

Landscape Lighting

One of the best ways to turn a dark environment into magic is by installing low-voltage landscaping lighting. Landscape lighting adds interest and intrigue to any backyard setting. The lights provide a soft ambience for guiding people along your garden’s pathways. They’re used to accent special trees or plantings. They can add additional light to brighten a patio area for outdoor entertaining. The lights are an important feature to improve safety and security near steps. Low-voltage lighting is economical because it consumes about one-third the electricity compared to high-voltage systems, and it is far less expensive to install.


An arbour is a great renovation idea for the backyard because it enhances your outdoor living space with a beautiful garden structure. It can define an entrance, guide a visitor through the garden, provide purely aesthetic beauty or be a functional part of the landscape by supporting a gate, a bench or a climbing plant. You can even install arbours in your vegetable garden. Metal arbours are reminiscent of the Victorian era, while wooden arbours make an entrance feel casual and inviting. In a cottage garden, a simple wooden bench arbour can give you a beautiful place to sit in your garden. Arbours come pre-made and ready for installation, or you can buy an arbour kit and put it together yourself.

Flagstone Pathways

Flagstone walkways are a beautiful addition to any landscape. Because flagstone comes in so many shapes and sizes, it is possible to create the ideal pathway for your backyard. Installing stone walkways throughout your garden invites guests to stroll through the yard while taking in the beautiful landscape. A flagstone path makes a great addition to your outdoor décor because they work well in any garden, are easy to maintain and fit into most layouts. While many paved walkways look out of place in a yard, flagstone provides a beautiful alternative.

Finishing Touch

Whichever design project you decide upon, one of these five features will make your backyard a place to relax and enjoy with family and friends.

Reinvent Your Backyard Space

With the nasty, long winter months melting away and warmer days of spring finally arrived, now is the perfect time to consider some backyard renovations. Spring is the perfect time to think about how you’re going to morph your backyard into an alluring entertainment retreat for family and friends.

Hardscape Backyard

Regardless of the size or shape of your backyard, a makeover can turn a lackluster yard into an appealing oasis of relaxation and entertainment. Even if you’re on a budget, creating a striking environment is possible with planning and creativity in order to turn your backyard into something special. With a little research, you can design your outdoor space to be more functional and livable while increasing the value of your home.

There are many ways to create a striking environment in your backyard and turn it into something unique. Thoughtful backyard improvements bring two undeniable benefits for homeowners, one is financial, and the other is personal satisfaction. Creating an appealing retreat where you can escape the hustles and bustles of the outside world is worth every dollar spent.

Build a Landscape You’ll Love

If a fabulous landscaped property is your dream, but not your reality, then take these steps to build a landscape you’ll love.

First, bring in the professionals. A professional landscaper will have the education and experience to work with you in creating a backyard oasis to make the neighbours jealous.

Brantford Backyard

Beautiful Decks and Patios in Hamilton

Just like the couch in your living room, much of your landscaping will be designed around the biggest element of the space. In this case, that design element is any deck or patio that our space includes. If you do not have a deck or patio, but wish to have one in your backyard oasis, a great landscaper can build you one, or put you in touch with a professional company who can.

When determining what design of deck or patio will fit your space, also consider any walkways. When building a landscape, you will want your space to flow and considering where their walkways will be and how they will flow, is essential. Also, these pathways will create natural areas within the larger space, lending to smaller landscaping areas creating that one large landscaping area. A landscaper will also be able to lay out all the options for pathways that might include interlocking brick and stamped concrete to name a few.

Creating Beautiful Landscapes in Brantford

Creating Beautiful Landscapes in Brantford

Make landscaping and property maintenance at your Brantford home or business a breeze with the help of Green Collar! Besides being the most trusted landscaper in Brantford, Ontario, we are also efficient and professional. We listen closely when you explain your landscaping vision to us and find a way to make it happen at a price you can afford! Why trust anyone else to make your landscaping dreams a reality? Call Green Collar today!

backyard landscaping green collar

Adding Curb Appeal to Your Brantford Property

Let us help your home or business stand out from the rest on the street! Whatever landscaping or hardscaping project you have in store, Green Collar can help make it picture perfect.

With years of experience in plant care and landscaping design, we’ll work with you to choose complimentary flowers, trees, and shrubs for your property. Besides completing your landscaping and lawncare needs, we can also create that hardscaping project you’ve been dreaming about. Whether it is a new deck, patio, walkway, interlocking brick or retaining wall, Green Collar will work closely with you to design the look you’ve been wanting, all at an affordable price!

Updating Your Property’s Design with Green Collar

Let us assist you in choosing the best design elements for your Brantford property. Adding a feature such as a waterfall, outdoor lighting or a rock garden can make a significant addition to the look of your property. Trust us to create a beautiful new outdoor space at your Brantford property!

Easy Lawncare with Green Collar

Regardless of whether you need routine lawncare and maintenance or a larger project, Green Collar has the solution! Our expert crews provide efficient spring and fall cleanups, getting your property ready for the season ahead. Proper aeration techniques can also be completed by our crews, all of which are led by an experienced on-site supervisor.

Enjoy Your Brantford Property, Without the Work!

Want to fully enjoy your Brantford property this spring and summer? Let us take care of your lawn cutting, fertilization, pruning, and trimming!

Have an irrigation system, or want one installed? Green Collar’s professional team has experience with those, as well. Call us today for more details about how we can help you enjoy your property more this season!

We Listen Closely to Create Your Vision

Whatever landscaping project we work with you on, we work hard to ensure our work meets your expectations. If at any point you have concerns, we will address them promptly. We want you to be 100% satisfied when we are done working on your Brantford residential landscape design or commercial property maintenance project.

Worry-Free Winter Property Maintenance in Brantford, Ontario

Keep your commercial property safe for customers and staff by choosing Green Collar to complete your winter property maintenance! We use the most efficient equipment to clear your commercial property of snow and ice. Green Collar professionals will discuss the various maintenance packages available and can even customize one to meet your company’s needs. Let us give you peace of mind this winter – at an affordable price! Call us today for more details.



Looking for ways to add great front yard curb appeal or backyard entertainment appeal – without having to take out a second mortgage? We help homeowners make great enhancements, even reinvent their outdoor spaces, within a budget they’re happy with. With years of experience, we have an almost unlimited range of ideas to make your yard a space you’ll love to use, from the subtlest additions to a complete redesign. You can always rely on Green Collar to design and build landscapes you’ll love.

Designing For Yard Love

We look forward to the design phase of any project. Finding out about your ideas, the way you like to spend your time outdoors, new ways you might like to use your space, and your style preferences – it’s all important information to develop a front or backyard you’ll really love. We can make suggestions for what might work well or simply plan out your vision. You can feel confident that we have the expertise to create a design plan that will work for your space and look fantastic when it’s complete!

Some elements to consider:

  • Plant life to make your space come alive! New trees, gardens and shrubs, strategically placed, can rejuvenate the whole area and even redefine the look and style of your yard.
  • Decks and patios – the range of styles, shapes and materials is endless. We’ll help you choose the best elements for longevity, usability and value
  • Walkways and interlocking brick to create a clean, orderly appeal and give a polished, finished look
  • Retaining walls to improve ground slope for better property usage and drainage
  • Water features for unbeatable visual beauty and mental relaxation
  • Natural stone boulders or rock gardens to add a rustic beauty and structural significance. Stone boulders can define areas to the yard, provide seating, or even play structures for the kids!
  • Outdoor lighting fixtures for great visual impact and enhance the mood

We’ll help you choose the best elements for your space and build them into a design that’s perfect for you and your home.

Building Your Dream

Our landscape designs are always developed with the knowledge of proper building principles and codes, which means you’ll get structures that last, but also the peace of mind that there won’t be any “surprises” during construction to resolve or workaround. With an expert team from design to construction, your project progresses smoothly, and frustrating things like delays and unforeseen extra costs are prevented.

We have a strict project management process to ensure things like proper scheduling and material ordering, as well as daily supervisors on site to ensure continual quality control. Your project manager will keep you up to date as your project progresses to make sure you always know how things are going. And you can be sure you’ll always have a quick and satisfactory response to any question or concern.

Our goal, at Green Collar Landscapes, is to develop and create a space at home that you can’t wait to get out there and use. A front yard you’ll love to come home to each day and a backyard you’ll love to relax and entertain in. We’ll make sure you love your yard!

Located in Lynden Ontario, we are just a short drive away from your home or commercial property in Brantford, Hamilton, Ancaster, Burlington, and Oakville to serve you.