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How to Use Your Backyard as an Outdoor Gym

Want to work out whenever you like? Learn how to use your backyard as an outdoor gym

There’s a lot to be said about using your backyard as an outdoor gym. While many of us treasure our gym memberships, having the right layout and equipment in your yard allows you to enjoy an outdoor workout after being inside all day. The combination of a natural setting and fresh air is not only motivating, but it can boost your mood during warm-weather workouts.

In this blog, we provide some easy and actionable tips on how to use your backyard as an outdoor gym. While you can do most of them on your own, others get best results when you work with a local landscaping company that knows how to convert yards into all kinds of outdoor spaces, including gyms.

Choose a Spot for Your Gym

Your first decision when creating an outdoor gym in your backyard is whether you want to use a covered or uncovered space. Building a gazebo or covered patio will give you some protection from the sun and rain, so that you can work out even when the weather is bad. 

There are some simple options for shade structures if you’re not ready to invest in a permanent solution, such as a portable pop-up tent or awning that extends from your roof. However, don’t worry if you only have an uncovered area to work with. Weatherproof covers will keep your equipment clean between workouts and protect it from the elements. 

Select a Ground Cover

You’ll want to invest in a ground cover to ensure a safe workout when the grass is wet with dew or rain. Depending on how your yard is laid out, your options include:

  • Paving stones if your gym is on your patio: pavers look great and offer a slip-resistant surface
  • Rubber playground surfacing, which has been designed for kids who want to play come rain or shine
  • Gym or yoga mats 
  • Mulch, which is also slip resistant

Choose the Equipment

If you want to train cardio, strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility outside, you should choose gym equipment that can provide these benefits. If you’re setting up a permanent workout space in a covered location, look into ski machines, step climbers, and exercise bikes specifically designed for outdoor use. If you won’t be dedicating a single space for fitness, invest in equipment that’s portable, like exercise balls, yoga mats, skipping ropes, or dumbbells.

Set Up Privacy Barriers

If you prefer to exercise in private, you have options for deterring prying eyes. Hedges form a natural barrier and privacy screen between property lines. If your workout area is on a patio or in a gazebo, hanging planters, reed fencing, and privacy screens are great options. 

Thinking About Setting Up an Outdoor Gym in Your Backyard?

Home-based fitness soared in popularity during the pandemic, and it looks like the trend is here to stay. From simple fitness routines to more vigorous workouts with dedicated equipment, you can do it all in your backyard!

At Green Collar Landscaping, we can plant hedges, build a gazebo, maintain your lawn, and deliver other services you need to keep your backyard gym in top shape. To learn more or schedule a no-obligation consultation, contact Green Collar Landscaping today at (289) 778-3107.

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