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The Benefits of Commercial Snow Removal

The benefits of commercial snow removal include greater tenant satisfaction and reduced liability.

When you see snow falling outside your office window, you may initially be struck by its quiet beauty. If you manage a commercial property, however, your thoughts may soon switch to worry. What if the accumulation is supposed to be significant? Will your tenants, their guests, and other invitees have trouble getting in or out or, even worse, risk a slip and fall injury?

As the snow piles up, so could your potential problems. In this blog, we review the benefits of commercial snow removal and highlight the ways that a partnership with a reputable snow removal company can give you peace of mind this winter.

Benefit #1: Maintain a Safer Premises

In the winter, improper snow removal is a major cause of slips, trips, and falls, which can have serious consequences for your business. After a big winter storm, why risk having someone get hurt on your property because it wasn’t properly cleared of snow and ice? Make sure that your parking lots and walkways are as safe as possible by hiring a commercial snow removal company to handle the snow plowing and salting for you.

Benefit #2: Minimize Business Interruptions

When an especially aggressive storm leaves snow piled against doorways and throughout parking lots, your commercial tenants will have a hard time finding a place to park and getting inside the building. This situation can even impact their ability to open their business on time and make them rethink their decision to lease from you. By engaging professional snow removal services, you maintain good relationships with these tenants and reduce vacancies.

Benefit #3: Snow Removal is More Thorough

You probably have some shovels, ice chippers, and perhaps even a hand-driven snow plow on hand, but a commercial snow removal company has the best equipment available to deal with snow and ice accumulation. Therefore, they are able to clear snow much faster and without damaging the underlying asphalt or pavement, which can happen when you use inappropriate tools.

Benefit #4: Rapid Response

Taking care of your properties and tenants is a full-time job that can leave you with little time to respond to a midnight blizzard. A commercial snow removal company is constantly alert for stormy weather conditions and will respond while you and your staff sleep, ensuring that you wake up to a cleared property.

Benefit #5: You Save Time

Clearing snow takes time, especially with larger properties that only offer outdoor parking. Hiring a professional snow removal company will save you many labour hours this winter and, by extension, keep your payroll costs reasonable. Commercial property management is time-consuming and a lot of work, so why not contract your snow removal services to experienced professionals?

Prepare for Winter Now With Commercial Snow Removal Services

December was pretty mild weather-wise, but this often means that January, February, and even March may bring on ‘Snowmaggedon.’ At Green Collar Landscaping, our commercial snow removal services include regular plowing and salting that can keep your tenants and visitors safer until the season changes once more. For more information or to receive a free estimate, please contact us today!

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