Green Collar Landscaping

A swimming pool and wood deck are two hardscaping elements that add value to your backyard.

Hardscaping Tips for an Awesome Backyard

It’s that time of year to spend long, relaxing moments in your backyard. Family dinners at sunset, swimming and splashing under the stars in your …

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Design the ultimate backdrop for your new backyard pool

Designing the Ultimate Backdrop for Your Backyard Pool

You’ve taken the plunge (literally) and decided to install a backyard pool. Soon you and your family will be living the staycation dream by spending …

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A beautiful outdoor kitchen design with landscaping

5 Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s the one spot where everyone gathers for good food and even better times. Now, with spring …

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How a Snow Removal Company Can Be Your Best PR

We all have snowstorm horror stories, but one of our clients had a particularly harrowing one to share. His sister rented a storage unit for …

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Snow Removal: DIY or Go Pro With Winter Care?

Snow Removal. Wintertime keeps property managers on their toes. All it can take is a few hours to turn clear lawns and walking surfaces into …

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Snow Piles: A Hidden Danger

When Southwestern Ontario is slammed by its usual winter blizzards and city plows get to work, the snow piles can be pretty impressive. We may …

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