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The benefits of commercial snow removal include greater tenant satisfaction and reduced liability.

The Benefits of Commercial Snow Removal

When you see snow falling outside your office window, you may initially be struck by its quiet beauty. If you manage a commercial property, however, …

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Planning the mapping for extra snow piles can keep your commercial property safer.

Mapping for Extra Snow Piles

When you get a lot of snow (and in Ontario, it happens all the time!), clearing it away from your commercial property becomes equal parts …

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When the right safety measures are taken, outdoor holiday lights give your property a festive air.

Safety Tips for Setting Up Outdoor Holiday Lights

For some of us, outdoor holiday decorating starts as soon as November rolls in, while others would rather hold off until the beginning of December. …

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Outdoor lighting, seasonal decorating, and greenery maintenance can all give your property fall curb appeal.

Fall Curb Appeal: Ways to Enhance Your Landscaping

With the long and hot days of summer being behind us and fall in full swing, it’s the perfect time to get your yard and …

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Green Collar Landscaping shares tips for hiring the right snow removal company for your commercial property.

Hiring the Right Snow Removal Company

November is around the corner, and we all know what that means- snow is a matter of weeks or even days away. If you own …

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Adding a pool safety cover is an important part of closing your inground pool for winter.

How to Close Your Inground Pool for Winter

Thanks to your backyard pool, your family had a fantastic summer. Now that the air is cooler and the fall colours are setting in, it’s …

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