Green Collar Landscaping

A Guide to Opening Your Pool for the Season

If you are living in South Western Ontario, you are finally getting a taste of summer with the weather we have been experiencing! And when …

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2023 Landscape Trends

Landscape trends and design is an ever-evolving field, constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities. With each passing year, new trends emerge that shape the …

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Spring Cleaning: How to Prepare Your Yard for the Season

The arrival of the spring season is a great time to tidy up your yard and get it ready for the warmer months ahead. With …

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Are you a proud new homeowner? Green Collar Landscaping shares 6 practical and exciting tips for budget-friendly yard upgrades.

New Homeowner? Try These 6 Budget-Friendly Yard Upgrades!

If you recently bought a house, you probably can’t wait for spring to come. You’ve already personalized the home itself- when the snow and ice …

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This Green Collar blog outlines 8 steps for creating a landscape design plan.

8 Steps For Creating a Landscape Design Plan

The deep freeze has been holding off so far, so you’re spending more time outside. All that extra fresh air has you thinking about spring, …

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the snow removal experts at Green Collar Landscaping go over the pros and cons of using salt vs. ice melter to keep your property safer this winter.

Solving Winter Woes: Pros and Cons of Salt vs Ice Melter

For the kids, winter is all about sledding and snow days. It’s not as much fun for grownups- not only do we have to shovel …

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