Why Do Our Customers Keep Coming Back to Us for Landscaping Services?

Green Collar understands that what’s outside your home should be as beautiful and inviting as what’s inside it. We offer superior landscaping services so lawns and backyards can become a perfect extension of the indoor living space. Given our top-notch and affordable service, it’s no surprise that customers choose us for all their landscaping needs. Don’t take our word for it. Let our satisfied clients do the talking:

We Live By Our Commitment to Giving You the Best Value for Your Dollar

At Green Collar, we’ve never forgotten our humble beginnings. Starting as a small company and working our way up taught us many lessons about how our customers want us to treat them. We’ve never forgotten those lessons for one simple reason: how our customers want to be treated is also how we want to be treated.

“Great Work” Gets Greater: How Green Collar Grew from a Two-Man Crew

Ours is a company that best embodies the phrase, “Hard work pays off.” When Green Collar started in 2009, under the management of owner and operator Al Perreault, we were a modest two-person grass cutting crew. Still, that didn’t keep us from treating each lawn that we cut as if it were our own. The hard work, dedication, and value we put into each job have helped us grow into the successful lawn maintenance and construction business we are today.

Sharing is Caring: Follow Us on Social Media and Let’s Grow Together

Since 2009, Green Collar has grown from a sapling business to one of the most trusted lawn maintenance services in Hamilton and its surrounding areas. What we are most proud of, however, is that our services are built upon a foundation of hard work and complete customer satisfaction.

One Great Reason to Make Green Collar Your Lawn Care Partner: GRASS

Lawns are what we do best here at Green Collar and we regularly receive praise for helping homeowners keep the grass greener on their side of the fence. Our customers love us for various reasons, but one acrostic is all it takes to sum up why they choose to do business with us. We hope it will remind you of our services whenever you look out at the GRASS on your lawn.