Prevent Soil from Breaking up with Winter Landscaping in Hamilton

This year, experts are expecting a warmer fall followed by a tamer and shorter winter. However, winter is winter. There’s no stopping Canadian soil from freezing over once more.

Ice and snow have their own way of loosening up the soil and ruining your beautiful landscape in the coming months. Any moisture present in the soil may freeze, leaving icy crevices that can break up the soil. The loose soil can then be blown away by a strong blizzard. Scientists believe water and ice were the causes of major rock formations like the Grand Canyon.

Snow on Your Front Yard Best Handled by Hamilton Snow Removal Service

Scientific speculation is intensifying that a new mini Ice Age is looming.

Climate has been a huge variable in Canada over time. Some 100,000 years ago, things were cooler than now, and 40,000 years ago, much cooler. From 18,000 to 15,000 years ago, the Wisconsin glaciation was in full force.

Starting about 8,000 years ago, warming intensified and the climate was about 2 C warmer than now. But another bout of cooling started about 4,000 years ago.

According to the Museum of Ontario Archaeology, recent cooler periods produced tundra-like spruce woodlands as far south as southern Ontario, where caribou roamed.

Of course, the brutal winter of 2013-14 might have been an anomaly. But, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration cautions atmospheric conditions that spawned that miserable winter in much of North America will likely be in place again next winter. Another bout of polar vortices anyone?

Think of Snow Removal in Hamilton Even after Winter Runs its Course

Few provinces in Canada are as used to snow as Ontario us. However, a May 13, 2014 article by the Weather Network reports a rather uncommon meteorological phenomenon that occurred right in the full bloom of spring:

Restoring Yards for Spring through Expert Snow Removal in Hamilton

With spring in full swing across the country, homeowners may want to recondition their gardens and yards in time for the imminent beautiful weather. To this end, they can eliminate snow and ice through different melting methods like salt, chemical liquid ice melters, propane burners, and simple chopping, chipping, and shoveling tools.

Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Enables Sustainable Hamilton Lawn Maintenance

Pesticides have always been a controversial topic, from the political arena to the agricultural and forestry circles. On one hand, these liquids contain synthetic chemicals that help farmers, gardeners, lawn maintenance technicians, and homeowners control pests and weeds that invade their gardens. On the other, they can also cause adverse health effects in humans.