How a Snow Removal Company Can Be Your Best PR

We all have snowstorm horror stories, but one of our clients had a particularly harrowing one to share.

His sister rented a storage unit for a trailer she used for her business. Early one morning, after an overnight blizzard, she went to the facility to retrieve her trailer, only to find a massive snowdrift piled against the door. When she contacted the manager for help, she was told, “We don’t offer plowing services.”

Maybe the company did have a ‘no plowing’ clause somewhere in the fine print. However, when you run a business in Hamilton, working with a snow removal company can improve tenant or customer experience (as well as your bottom line).

Here’s why!

It shows that you care

When you keep entrances, walking areas, and parking lots clear of snow, it sends the message that you care. You’re proud to run a business where safety and accessibility matter. Properties that neglect snow removal also look abandoned in the winter- is that the message anyone wants to send?

You keep the property (and people) safe

When you engage professional snow removal services, the likelihood of someone being injured on the premises goes down. Expensive lawsuits aside, the goal of a business is to keep tenants and customers coming in, and the best way to do that during winter is keep all walking surfaces free of dangerous snow and ice.

People can get in and out

Aside from safety, you want people to be able to enter the building without issue. No one wants to struggle through knee-deep drifts or inch across sheet ice to get inside. A snow removal contractor can be on site when you need them, plowing away snow and laying down de-icer to make pedestrian traffic flow more smoothly.

No one gets snowed in

Maintaining a clear parking lot is critical in the wintertime. Who wants to emerge from an hour of shopping to find their car buried? When the snow is thick enough to cover up the painted parking lines, you’re looking at one big mess. A professional snow removal company will keep your lots clear, supporting safe and orderly parking (and more shopping).

Safety indoors as well as out

The more snow people have to walk through to get inside, the more slush they’ll bring in, which can make your floors dangerously slippery. With commercial snow removal, you can mitigate this problem by clearing the walkways and leaving less snow for people to track in. Your maintenance team will still have to clean up any messes, but they will be smaller ones.

How to choose a snow removal company

Not all snow removal companies are the same. So how do you determine which ones do quality work and which ones will force you to finish what they started?

When a company focuses on snow removal services during winter, they’re going to have the right equipment and a big enough team to handle everything from a regular snowfall to a snowmageddon. If your business is located in or around Hamilton, Green Collar Landscaping will get your snow problems under control and keep them that way until spring rolls around.

Looking for a snow removal company you can rely on?

You can manage the most opulent property in Hamilton, but if it becomes a messy hazard during winter, its public image will take a dive. Do you really want to put your profits on hold until the spring? Or would you rather boost safety and curb appeal no matter how blustery it gets?

At Green Collar Landscaping, we provide our commercial clients with reliable and time-sensitive snow removal services that keep your property safer during inclement weather. Our experienced staff is highly responsive, so when you need scheduled or emergency snow removal, we’re there to protect your customers and your reputation. To get a free quote on our services, call 289.339.8746 today.

Snow Removal: DIY or Go Pro With Winter Care?

Snow Removal. Wintertime keeps property managers on their toes. All it can take is a few hours to turn clear lawns and walking surfaces into the type of winter wonderland no one wants to write a song about. 

While you can’t control the weather, it’s still your responsibility to respond to those day-long ice storms and 5:00 a.m. blizzards.

So how do you keep the premises safe for tenants when snowstorms (and if you’re really unlucky, freezing rain) can happen at any time?

When you manage a commercial property in Ontario, you have two options: 

In this post, we’ll show you how to act on either one safely and successfully.

Clearing away snow yourself

If you live nearby or your properties are close together, you can invest in the equipment needed to remove snow and ice hazards. You’ll need a plow truck for driveways, a snowblower for sidewalks, and de-icing solutions to eliminate slip hazards on steps, walkways, and common areas like parking lots.

While the DIY approach may be less expensive after investing in resources, it’s not ideal. Your schedule will have to be flexible enough to ensure that you keep the property free of snow and ice so that tenants and their guests can come and go safely and on time. If you manage multiple properties or an especially large one, it may make sense to hand that demanding job over to the pros.

Hiring a snow removal service

Turning the bulk of your snow removal needs over to a professional is not only convenient- it ensures a rapid response to both forecasted events and storms that the weatherman missed. 

Look for a local company that has good references as well as the equipment and personnel needed to keep your properties clear of snow when the weather takes a downturn. When negotiating a service agreement, confirm the following:

  • How early their plows will arrive when snow falls overnight
  • How return visits will be scheduled during continuing snowfall
  • What services they offer for ice removal 

If you don’t have a snow-clearing contractor yet, line one up as soon as possible. That way, you’ll rest assured that when the weather gets aggressive, you’ll stay on top of all your snow removal needs.

Always be alert!

Even when you work with a reputable and reliable snow removal company, you’ll still need to do a certain degree of your own winter maintenance. This means:

  • Checking the exterior regularly between contractor visits
  • Having a supply of de-icer on hand for steps or walkways leading to entrances and exits
  • Laying a mat down to absorb water tracked in by tenants
  • Promptly clearing melted ice and snow off the floors
  • Asking maintenance staff to attend to these details in your absence

Keeping on top of winter maintenance will ensure that safety hazards are addressed as soon as possible, giving your tenants a safe and positive experience.

Looking for a snow removal company you can trust?

For years, Green Collar Landscaping has been the Greater Hamilton Area’s trusted choice for commercial snow removal services. Our experienced technicians are there when you need them, clearing snow and ice away from your property so that you and your tenants enjoy safety and peace of mind. To get a free quote on our property maintenance services, call 289.339.8746 today.

Snow Piles: A Hidden Danger

When Southwestern Ontario is slammed by its usual winter blizzards and city plows get to work, the snow piles can be pretty impressive. We may not struggle with 93-centimetre drifts like Newfoundland got last year but we definitely get our share.

While these piles are fun for kids and a nuisance for parents waking up to blocked driveways, they can also be a danger. Snow may not be as hard as ice, but when piled high, there are some inherent hazards that property managers should be aware of. In this blog, we’ll explain what they are and how the winter maintenance team at Green Collar Landscaping can help.

Hazard #1: They’re not as sturdy as they look

Snow piles may look like mini-mountains, but they’re far from durable. Children enjoying a lively game of King of the Castle can suddenly penetrate an air pocket or soft spot and fall through, injuring themselves. If small children are playing alone and snow caves in, they can become trapped and suffer from hypothermia before help can arrive.

Hazard #2: They obstruct vision

Children playing around the snow piles in tenant parking areas aren’t usually paying attention to approaching vehicles and it can be difficult for drivers to spot them, especially in the evening. Even if they do see them, it’s too easy for a child to slide down the slope and into the path of an oncoming vehicle before the drive has a chance to stop, resulting in serious injury or worse.

Hazard #3: They turn into skating rinks when they melt

Snow doesn’t stay piled high for long. When the sun comes out and temperatures warm up, these piles will melt and create wet conditions that become extra-hazardous when the next cold snap hits. Sidewalks, walkways, and parking lots suddenly become dangerously icy, and people stepping on them before salt can be laid out risk serious injury.

Hazard #4: They can hide critical services

When a blizzard hits, the first priority for city snow plows is getting roads, streets, and public parking lots clear as quickly as possible. In their haste, they can pile snow onto fire hydrants, stop signs, and handicap accessible locations. Not only does this make accessibility to nearby buildings difficult, but accidents can occur and emergency personnel won’t be able to safely do their jobs if something happens.

Green Collar Landscaping Snow Removal Services

At Green Collar Landscaping, we help owners and managers of properties such as apartment buildings, townhomes, condominiums, retail establishments, and industrial sites by providing timely and thorough snow removal and hauling services. We will-

  • Give you peace of mind by arriving on site as soon as weather conditions worsen.
  • Pile the snow away from building exit and entry points and gather it near a drain so that water can be captured as it melts. 
  • Salt the area around the piles to avoid slippery conditions.
  • Ensure that fire hydrants, street signs, and other safety assets are not obstructed.

Our experienced snow removal team will also pile the snow in areas where it won’t present a safety risk, allowing you and your tenants to face each winter with confidence. To get a free quote on our property maintenance services, call 289.339.8746 today.

How to De-Ice Your Property the Eco-Friendly Way

When kids (and their parents) see the white stuff start coming down, their first thought is “Snow day!” If you own or manage a commercial property, however, all you are likely seeing is a big job ahead of you.

A recently plowed commercial asphalt parking lot.

In Ontario, property managers are responsible for keeping their premises safe for tenants and the public. That includes ice and snow management, which can result in costly personal injury lawsuits if not performed correctly.

Ice control has traditionally been an area of concern for those worried about environmental impact. Most ice melter products contain calcium, sodium, chloride, and other products that can accumulate on sidewalks, parking lots, and roadways and run into the storm sewers once warmer weather hits. This runoff can have a negative effect on water quality as well as affect soil and plant life.

At Green Collar, we help commercial property managers safely manage snow and ice buildup when Ontario winters are at their finest. If you’re looking for more eco-friendly ways to make your surfaces less slippery, we’ve compiled a list of all-natural deicers that are effective enough to meet the rigorous needs of commercial use.

Homemade deicer

This solution is both easy and cost-effective because it consists of ingredients available in most kitchens or utility rooms. For smaller surface areas like a driveway or sidewalk, mix the following in a bucket:

  • 6-8 drops of dish soap
  • 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol
  • A half-gallon of hot water (approximately two litres)

Pour the mixture onto the surface. The ice and any accumulated snow should bubble up and melt. Once it stops, clear away any remaining chunks of ice.

Coffee grounds

With property management, you start early and stay on the job until late, so chances are that your coffee maker is always in use. Take those leftover coffee grounds, which contain nitrogen and safe, natural acids, and toss them over freshly-shoveled pavement. Traction will immediately improve and the acids cause the ice to melt faster. (You’ll also have a valid reason to increase your coffee budget!)

Wood ashes

If you have access to a wood-burning fireplace, sprinkle the ash across icy areas to create traction and accelerate melting. Wood ash is full of potassium salts that will make surfaces safer to walk on without harming the environment.

Sugar beet juice

You can use the juice from sugar beets, either alone or as a salt diluent, to banish ice outside the building. It lowers the freezing point of water and won’t harm humans, animals, or the environment. Because sugar beet juice has been known to work in conditions as cold as -25⁰C, it has been adopted as a deicer by municipalities across Canada.

 It is important to note that canned or bottled beet juice is not the same thing: you need to buy a special sugar beet-based deicer from your local garden centre or on Amazon.

Alfalfa meal

Commonly used as fertilizer, alfalfa meal contains nitrogen, but not in sufficient quantities to harm lawns, gardens, or the water system. You can buy a bag at a gardening store and use its grainy, dry texture to provide traction for pedestrians while it melts ice and snow. A potential drawback is that you might find alfalfa sprouting on your lawn in the spring, but it’s an outcome that’s easily dealt with.

Cheese brine

If you can get it, cheese brine works great. The salty baths used to make cheeses like provolone or mozzarella is usually discarded as a waste product, but some areas (many of which are in Wisconsin, unsurprisingly) use it to make roads and walkways ice-free. Cheese brine has been found to speed up the melting process and it also has a lower freezing point, which is perfect for January and February in Ontario!

What about sand?

Sand doesn’t melt ice in and of itself: it is mainly used during winter to provide traction for pedestrians. However, if you lay it out on a sunny day, it can heat under the sun’s rays and encourage melting. On cloudy days, go for one of the natural deicers listed above.

How to prepare a surface for de-icing

Before applying your favourite sustainable de-icer, you’ll need to clear away all the snow. This is when you want to work with a reputable and reliable company that offers commercial snow removal services during the winter months. Depending on the terms of the snow removal contract, they may come to clear the property when snowfall is greater than one inch or supply deicing services after an ice storm to avoid unsafe walking conditions.

An experienced snow removal company will also:

  • Ensure that the snow is piled in areas where any melt will not run off into pedestrian areas and possibly pool and freeze. Instead, the contractors will pile snow in places that allow it to melt into landscaped areas or surface drains.
  • Follow proper safety protocols during the most difficult removal conditions and remain up-to-date with the latest technologies, guidelines, and occupational safety standards.
  • Carry liability insurance to give you peace of mind. Accidents can still happen despite one’s best efforts, and you want to work with a business that is adequately insured, otherwise, your own insurance rates could skyrocket.

We support property managers all year round

At Green Collar, we are prepared and equipped to help you keep your commercial property free of snow and ice hazards this winter. Southwestern Ontario has been getting record snowfalls lately, and our team is up for the challenge. We’ll also work with you to ensure that only sustainable deicers are used, so that your building operation is green even when all you’re seeing is white! Get your free quote today by calling 289.339.8746.

Commercial Snow Removal –

Looking for a way to ensure the safety of your customers and staff while on your business’ property this winter? Then look no further than Green Collar Landscaping’s commercial snow and ice removal maintenance program!

snow removal plow

Remove a Liability Risk with Commercial Snow Removal Services

Keeping your business’ property clear of snow and ice is imperative during the winter. Doing so will keep your business open for easy access by customers regardless of the weather. And more importantly, it will keep your customers and staff safe from accidents and falls while at your business.

Focus on Making Your Business Better

As a business owner, you have enough things to worry about while running a business: marketing, inventory, employees, etc. You don’t need to worry about snow and ice removal as well!

Creative Landscapers can Do More than Just Snow Removal in Hamilton

As winter fast approaches, you may suddenly come up with an idea to decorate the drab snow-covered yard and driveway after excess snow has been cleared. Since you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, it’s best to seek help from an artistic landscaper who does snow removal in Hamilton. An article on features simple yet dramatic suggestions from their resident stylist on how to beautify your winter yard to get into the spirit of the season.