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Choosing the Best Garden Style for Your Yard

Learn about the various types of gardens and how you can choose the best garden style for your yard.

Mother’s Day is on May 8! If your mom enjoys plants and flowers, why not surprise her by arranging for the design and addition of a garden that compliments her home and yard? There are a lot of types to choose from, so we’ve created this guide to help her choose the best garden style for her home.

English Gardens

English gardens are a popular garden style.

English gardens originated in 18th-century England as a reaction against the architectural gardens of that period, which were more rigid in their structure, pattern, and shaping. A trick to recreating the style at home is to combine tradition and elegance with a sense of nature. Choose the meadow-like florals, twisting ivy, iron gates, and winding paths which are typical of a British country house. 

French Gardens

French gardens are a popular garden style.

Planting a French garden is a great way to add a touch of elegance, formality, and classic design to the exterior of your home. With their symmetrical lines, simple colour palettes, precisely trimmed shrubs and hedges, stone edgings, and an abundance of lavender, French gardens have a long history of being the most elegant outdoor spaces around.

Traditional Gardens 

Traditional gardens are a popular garden style

Traditional gardens are typically defined by spring bulbs, flowering shrubs, and brightly coloured perennial borders that contrast with trimmed hedges and carefully tended lawns. Most modern versions include outdoor living features, such as fireplaces and barbecues. A traditional garden design aims to create a well-defined and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space.

Rustic/Country Gardens

Country gardens are a popular garden style.

Most country gardens have a romantic feel to them. Perhaps it is because pastel colours are prevalent in this type of garden or maybe it is because fragrant flowers like old roses and peonies scent the air and lend a touch of opulence. When you combine elegant florals with rustic touches like wood or wicker furniture, you can give your yard a country feel, even if you live downtown.

Japanese Gardens

Japanese is a popular garden style.

Japanese garden design principles seek to promote peace of mind by drawing inspiration from Buddhist, Shinto, and Taoist philosophies. Plants, water, and rocks are often combined with simple, clean lines to create a tranquil retreat. You can adapt the Japanese garden aesthetic to your landscape for a touch of Zen in your own backyard. 

Get Expert Help With Your Preferred Garden Style!

So which one was Mom’s top pick? Whatever she chooses, a skilled and experienced landscaping company can create the design, source and plant the flowers and greenery, and ensure that it looks healthy and pristine every spring. At Green Collar Landscaping, our team of creative landscape professionals can turn your garden ideas into works of art that beautify your yard year after year. To learn more and receive a free estimate, please contact us

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