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Creative Landscapers can Do More than Just Snow Removal in Hamilton

As winter fast approaches, you may suddenly come up with an idea to decorate the drab snow-covered yard and driveway after excess snow has been cleared. Since you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, it’s best to seek help from an artistic landscaper who does snow removal in Hamilton. An article on features simple yet dramatic suggestions from their resident stylist on how to beautify your winter yard to get into the spirit of the season.

5 Winter Wonderlands

Fire and ice

The snowy white scenery makes an elegant and almost heavenly backdrop for torches and candles strategically arranged to illuminate the path to your doorstep. The positioning is reminiscent of an honor guard formation that salutes passers-by with their tiny flames.

… a front garden awash in the gleam of firelight. James begins with two tall torches, and then edges the front path with virtually windproof candles set in black iron stands.

Fluffy make-them-yourself snowballs and strands of battery-operated lights fill the window boxes.

Make an entrance

Who says a flower arch can’t come in handy in the wintertime? Once the string of holiday lights come to life, they simulate a starry night sky and create a tunnel of soft light which gently envelopes and welcomes visitors to your home.

Imagine greeting your guests this season with a tunnel of arches enchanted with string upon string of brilliant white lights. Dramatic yet warm and welcoming, these arches do double duty when in spring you add climbing roses or other flowering vines right over the lights. Oversized ornaments (available at large retailers) add a splash of color swaying in the cool night air.

Flower Power

Looking like a scene straight out of a Tolkien novel, the vine-clad arches combined with the holiday lights evoke a magical and mysterious atmosphere. This type of ornamentation would be more appropriate for traditionally-styled houses near wooded areas.

Arches covered in summer by flowery vines are now clad in winter’s bloom — soft subtle lights in the shape of flowers. Twined over bare branches or clustered into bunches (held together by a rubber band) and tucked into green garlands…

Should there be more than the expected amount of snow, landscapers like Green Collar will need to be contacted for snow removal in Hamilton, Ontario before any decorating can be done. They also offer winter landscaping which includes ornaments and decorative items. Find out what kind of magic they have in store for you so you can enchant family, friends, and neighbors this winter.


(Article Excerpt and Image from “5 Winter Wonderlands”, My Home Ideas)

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