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Designing the Ultimate Backdrop for Your Backyard Pool

Design the ultimate backdrop for your new backyard pool

You’ve taken the plunge (literally) and decided to install a backyard pool. Soon you and your family will be living the staycation dream by spending long, leisurely hours either in the water or catching some rays next to it.

Why stop there, though? Many homeowners want more than simply a backyard pool- their goal is an oasis experience. Here are some tips for planning a backdrop that really will look and feel like a trip to the tropics this summer.

Choose a Natural Backyard Pool Shape

Fiberglass pools come in a variety of shapes, from traditional circles and rectangles to kidney and L shapes and even freeform, which blends especially well into a natural setting. 

Which one compliments the dimensions of your yard? At Green Collar Landscaping, our pool technicians can advise you on which pool shape is most compatible with the proposed location, available space, and your own aesthetic preferences.

Plant a Garden Around the Perimeter

The presence of greenery, especially when it’s close to the edges of the pool, will create a more natural look if that’s what you’re aiming for. If you’re having a freeform or kidney-shaped pool installed, we can place planting beds snugly in the inlet(s) so that manmade and natural elements come together beautifully.

If you’re dedicating some or all of the poolside area to a sundeck or outdoor kitchen, plants can still add beauty to the background and even serve as a living privacy screen. The Green Collar Landscaping team will help you choose greenery that won’t drop leaves or seed heads into the water and create extra cleanup work.

Add Backyard Features

While a new swimming pool is the centrepiece of a backyard retreat, quality poolscaping often includes other elements that signify an outdoor lifestyle. They include:

  • Saunas and hot tub: When you’ve gotten your laps in and just want to relax, a sauna or hot tub fits the bill perfectly. One popular trend is the spillover spa, which connects directly to your pool through a small fountain or curtain of water.
  • Outdoor kitchen: We’ve already dedicated an entire blog to designing the perfect outdoor kitchen. Extending your eating and dining area into your backyard during the warm weather months adds to the feeling of being on vacation even if you have to work the next day!
  • Fountain or waterfall: If your landscape supports it, why not install a fountain or waterfall that adds visual interest along with the soothing sound of running water?

Light Up the Landscape

A couple of years ago, we wrote a blog about the benefits of outdoor lighting fixtures. Few things create a greater ambiance than carefully-placed lighting that emphasizes the beauty of your pool and the surrounding yard. If you’re having a waterfall or fountain installed, LED lighting will make it even more spectacular.

Ready to Plan Your Pool?

When you’re ready to transform your yard with a beautiful fiberglass swimming pool, Green Collar Landscaping does more than simply install it. We offer holistic design suggestions, integrate the pool seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, and ensure that the finished result exceeds your expectations. To get started and learn more about your options, call 289.339.8746 today.

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