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Don’t Forget about Lawn Maintenance in Hamilton/Brantford when Taking a Vacation

So you’ve arranged a boarding kennel for Fido and asked Mr. Johnson next door to empty the mailbox while you’re away— you know, the typical preparations you need to make when going on a trip. Eager vacationers, however, often forget one important thing: lawn maintenance for Hamilton and Brantford homes. Neglect this and you might come home to an overgrown— or worse, decimated— lawn.

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Fortunately, a little foresight will prevent these scenarios from happening. Green Collar Landscaping, which provides Hamilton lawn care, says you should do these things before packing your bags:

Mow the Lawn

Want your turf grass to be immaculate both before and after your trip? Then be sure to mow it first. If you’ll be gone for just a week, you can mow the lawn to regular height the day before. If your vacation lasts two weeks, though, set the mower a notch lower so your lawn won’t get shaggy when you come back.

Spot Spray Weeds

Unfortunately, weeds won’t take a break from growing while you’re on vacation; if you, leave them alone for a week or two, they may very well take over your lawn. To avoid this, spot spray weeds first before departing. Yes, you’ll still see weeds when you return, but at least there will be fewer of them to get rid of.

Water Generously

Now that summer is here, there’s a real danger of your lawn wilting away during your absence. As Lane Greer writes for the gardening site, don’t forget about irrigation but be sure to prioritise which plants to water first:

Trees and shrubs
Why save them first? They’re more expensive to replace, and they form the backbone of the garden. Fortunately, I don’t have any newly planted trees or shrubs, so I’m in good shape there. But if I did have “newbies,” I’d water them THOROUGHLY before leaving town, leaving timed sprinklers on for hours at a time. (Speaking very generally, trees and shrubs need about an inch of water every week.)

Of course, if your vacation is more like an escapade— one which will last three or more weeks— don’t take any chances and hire a professional lawn maintenance company. They’ll make sure that your turf grass, plants, shrubs and flowers are as beautiful as the day you left them.

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