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Celebrating Earth Day? Start With Your Backyard!

Earth Day is April 22. Learn how you can celebrate by keeping your own backyard clean.

On April 22 of every year, we celebrate Earth Day to show our support for environmental protection. This year’s theme, Invest in Our Planet™, invites everyone to take steps that clean or replenish the environment. While you can participate in organized activities in your area, you can also get involved by cleaning your own backyard. In this blog, we present some tips for making your yard more pleasing to the planet- and yourself!

Tip #1: Clear Away Debris

When the snow melts, you’ll likely find a lot of debris and litter scattered around your yard. Get started on your spring cleanup by removing bottles and other refuse from the lawn area and planting beds, so that you have a clean slate for this year’s grass and flowers.

Tip #2: Get Your Planting Beds Ready

Use compost on your garden beds to help prepare the plants for spring. If you’ve never composted before, you can use decomposed organic matter such as the dead leaves and twigs from your lawn and plant-based kitchen scraps like apple cores and cucumber peelings. Compost has so many benefits that gardening enthusiasts refer to it as ‘black gold.’

Tip #3: Start Planting!

Early spring is a good time to plant your new shrubs, trees, and perennials. You can pick up many beautiful native species at one of your local nurseries or hire a reputable landscaping company to source and plant them for you. If you’re in the Greater Hamilton Area, Green Collar Landscaping can help you get your backyard ready for summer!

Tip #4: Harvest Rainwater

Rainwater harvesting keeps it from becoming polluted stormwater and puts it to good use. This captured rainwater has none of the pollutants and salts associated with surface and groundwater, making it a perfect option for watering plants and landscapes. 

Tip #5: Prune Trees and Shrubs

Spring cleaning is also beneficial for trees and shrubs. Winterkill on branches and dead limbs should be pruned to ward off diseases and improve aesthetics, but in general, regular pruning is recommended to eliminate common problems like crowded or rubbing branches before damage occurs to your plants.

Tip #6: Mulch Your Garden

Mulching improves soil aeration and drainage while reducing both water loss and soil erosion. If you have already applied a deep layer of mulch, make sure to scrape it away from perennials to avoid smothering them. When the ground begins to thaw, check to see if your perennials are appearing. Once they grow a few inches, remove the mulch and apply it again to prevent weed growth.

Earth Day Celebrations Can Start at Home!

By clearing away debris, planting new trees and gardens, and creating the conditions they need to thrive, you can celebrate the Earth Day mission at home while setting the stage for a lush, healthy backyard this spring and summer. At Green Collar Landscaping, we have the people and experience to help you achieve results you’ve love. To learn more and receive a free estimate, please contact us. Happy Earth Day!

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