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Expert Hamilton Landscaping Companies Can Stop the Fungal Threat Fast

The presence of fungi among your plants can be dangerous because they bring about illnesses. It can be even worse if you are going out for the summer and have no one to tend your plants. On her blog, Simply Living Simply, author Kat Y says:

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“Most of us are ready to invest a good amount for landscaping and gardening to give our home more beauty and well…bounty! But we fail to prune when the plants needed it, and then our highly invested landscape (both time, money and energy) looks more terrible than ever AND our edible bounty isn’t so bountiful. So this is a good time to know about a few QUICK & SIMPLE gardening tips for better maintenance of your landscape.”

Even homeowners in Ontario will have cause to be worried about fungal spread. The province is home to many species of fungus, with a number of them harmful to plant life. Summer is often the time for fungal diseases to break out and ruin your plants; as such you will need help from credible Hamilton landscaping companies like Green Collar to stop the infestation in their tracks.

Powdery mildew is the most common type of fungi present in a garden; they are characterized by having thin, silvery film on the leaves of affected plants. Although they do not fully harm the plant’s performance, you can have your landscaping specialist prune and dispose the sections that have the mildew. The plants must be in areas where there’s good air circulation and ample sunlight.

While your plants need water for their sustenance, watering during certain times may also encourage fungal growth. The blog post notes the growth of pythium blight at night due to watering; the cotton-candy looking fungus thrives in darkness under humid conditions, thereby warranting watering sessions early in the day so they can dry under the sunlight.

If you have planted an apple or crabapple tree in the garden, the danger of the plant being killed emerges in the form of fire blight, which is a red cotton-like substance that attaches to tree branches. Task your landscaping team to prune the branches and burn them right away.

The ground near any trees is also a breeding ground for fungal bacteria. They must be cleaned up of plant debris and leaves while organic mulch with low wood content stops spores from infecting the plant.

No one wants to return home from a vacation and see fungal spores among their plants. Landscapers in Hamilton such as Green Collar will take care of them for you.

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