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Get Ready for a New Backyard Pool

nstalling a new pool can add value to your home and make summer evenings more enjoyable for your family.

You’ve decided to have a new swimming pool installed in your backyard. Not only will you be the coolest parent and favourite neighbour on the block, but your family will enjoy hours of warm-weather exercise and you’ll increase the value of your home.

Building a backyard pool calls for a fair amount of preparation and design planning. Before you start shopping around for luxury outdoor furniture or planning a gazebo for next summer’s barbecues, you’ll need to understand what goes into the pool construction process and what factors will impact the finished result.

Preparing for an Inground Pool

With inground pools, you’ll need to check your zoning rules and bylaws to confirm that you can build a pool in your backyard and where it can be positioned relative to the home. For example, if you live in Glanbrook and your home is on a corner lot, you have to contact the city of Hamilton for clarification of any special setback requirements. 

These precautions help ensure that no underground pipes or other utilities are disturbed or damaged when you dig the foundation. Once you’re cleared for install, contact a professional landscaper to remove any trees, shrubs, large rocks, or other features that could impede the construction of your new inground pool.

What’s Your Budget?

Upfront expenses will largely depend on the type of backyard pool you’re installing. With inground pools, excavation, installation, and construction materials (e.g., vinyl liner, fibreglass) all add to the cost. Review the essential expenses before opting for luxury add-ons like waterfalls, pool lights, or a tanning ledge. While these additions may add to the aesthetic, including them will increase the overall project cost.

Once you hire a pool installer, sit down with them to discuss your options. An experienced and reputable contractor will be able to suggest ways that you can minimize costs without compromising on the quality or integrity of the completed pool, leaving you with a little extra for add-ons that deliver that special wow factor.

What Will the Backyard Pool Be Used For?

The obvious answer is swimming, but will it be a family-themed splash pad or an outdoor living space where adults can sunbathe or enjoy an evening cocktail? The answer will dictate whether you budget for and install a water slide and diving board for whooping, excited children (and kids at heart) or a graceful waterfall and lantern-lit poolside bar for evening entertaining. 

Backyard pool designs are determined by the intended use. Inground pools can be rectangle, freeform or kidney. If you want to swim laps every morning in the summertime before heading off to work, a rectangular pool would be the best choice, while kidney and freeform pools can blend more effectively with your existing landscaping.

How Long Will It Take to Build the Backyard Pool?

Generally speaking, a pool-only install will take anywhere from one to two weeks to complete. A pool with simple landscaping should take about three to four weeks. The exact timeline will depend on your landscape, the amount of excavation required, the intricacy of any plumbing or electrical work, and how long it takes to receive the materials needed to pour the foundation and install luxury add-ons like an outdoor patio or pool deck. 

At Green Collar, we will provide you with a reasonable timeline based on these factors.

What Safety Features Will You Need?

When you’re reviewing backyard pool designs, don’t forget about safety features! 

If you have concerns about neighbourhood children accessing the pool when no one is there to supervise, you can also install alarms that alert you when anyone enters the water. It’s also a good idea to invest in a safety cover for the winter months.

How About Landscaping for Backyard Pool Designs?

There’s something extra-appealing about a backyard pool surrounded by colourful plants, thick shrubbery, and quaint rock gardens. It gives a back-to-nature vibe even when you’re right in the middle of suburbia, and can soften the appearance of required safety measures such as fencing. 

Get Ready to Enjoy Your New Pool!

We’re already heading into summer, but it’s never too late to start planning, so contact Green Collar today for an estimate. Before you know it, your new pool will be ready to enliven your neighbourhood (and social life). Enjoy!

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