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“Great Work” Gets Greater: How Green Collar Grew from a Two-Man Crew

Ours is a company that best embodies the phrase, “Hard work pays off.” When Green Collar started in 2009, under the management of owner and operator Al Perreault, we were a modest two-person grass cutting crew. Still, that didn’t keep us from treating each lawn that we cut as if it were our own. The hard work, dedication, and value we put into each job have helped us grow into the successful lawn maintenance and construction business we are today.

No Job Too Small
Since day one, we have treated each job equally. Big or small, we know that each project we get is valuable to our business. The variety of services we offer range from simple to complex tasks like spring cleanup, aerating the lawn, cutting the lawn, fertilization and weed control, and pruning. We know that only “great work” will help us grow and earn our customer’s trust even more. We stake our reputation on every work that we do because we believe we can only be successful if our clients are satisfied with what we do. Customer satisfaction is something we uphold on a daily basis.

Passion for Work
We have experienced steady and sustainable growth in the years that Green Collar has been in operation. We are proud of how we’ve grown over the years, and how we’ve expanded to cover all of Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, and Brantford. Above all else, we know that we owe this growth to a job well done and to satisfied clients who have pushed our reputation even higher. Our job—and our business—is a passion for us, not simply a whimsical interest or a passing fancy. We have come to realize that the more we put into our work, the more we gain.

Building Trusting Relationships
Success rarely happens overnight. Most of the time, it takes years and years. We know we can only earn even more success by building trusting relationships with the clients living in the community we serve. We always strive to make our clients happy, not just to meet their expectations, but to exceed them. We look into the future knowing that we will continue to provide the “great work” that our clients have come to expect of us.

Each client is as important as the very first one. With this in mind, Green Collar continues to deliver “great work” in every aspect of our business, perform jobs with passion and a sense of purpose, and develop a good working partnership with our community. Call 289.339.8746 today to learn more about how we can beautify your lawn.

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