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Hamilton Landscaping Ideas: Giving your Small Yard a Sizable Appeal

You think your Steeltown home could use a bit more curb appeal, so you start looking into options for expanding your yard—however, you don’t need to sacrifice a lot of exterior space just to spruce up your garden. Should you choose to simply work with what you have, here are a few efficient Hamilton and Brantford landscaping tips to make a small yard look bigger.

how to create a small yard with big impact

Colour Choice

Planting flowers in your garden should entail more thought than simply picking which ones look nice—your choice between cool and warm colours could significantly affect how large or small your yard will seem. The former gives off the illusion of distance, as they tend to recede in the background, whereas the latter draws attention to themselves. Install warm coloured plants near the centre of the garden and cool colours along the border.

Cutting Corners

Square or rectangular gardens are the traditional way to go, even when it comes to saving space (maybe unless the rest of your home exterior is round), but it could make your yard look boxed in. Doing away with corners, however, and opting for a nice circular or round garden instead makes for a more spacious look.

Outdoor Rooms writer Christopher J. Cohan has it that you could also opt to keep a sense of discovery within your garden, even if you only have a little space with which to work:

To create a feeling of expansiveness in a small yard, carve out distinct garden areas and outdoor rooms. […] An ornamental border along the street adds curb appeal, an entry garden welcomes visitors, there’s a private patio for dining, and a woodsy backyard for lounge-chair relaxing—all on a 60-by-100-foot lot. Not only do the “rooms” make the yard more functional, they keep from revealing the whole place at once, so there’s a sense of discovery as you move through them.

No Mundane Elements

Keep a careful balance when decorating so that the space doesn’t end up looking too dull or mundane or getting too overwhelmed with detail. Both can destroy the illusion of spaciousness and they will only make your yard look cluttered or unappealing. Choose texture, colour, elevation, and even direction, properly when designing.

If you want the best bang for your buck, choose to work with reliable landscape pros like Green Collar Landscaping. Hiring professionals should ensure that your Brantford and Hamilton landscape needs are well met, irrespective of the size of your property.

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