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Hardscape Ideas for Front Yards

Even though summertime is now behind us, it’s not too late to redesign your front yard! The best part about working on your property’s appearance in the fall means that your property is ready to be enjoyed next spring!

Make your front yard the best one on the street by completing a hardscaping project! Check out some of our ideas below for creating the perfect hardscape for your front yard.

retaining wall in the front yard

Install a New Walkway

When installing a new walkway into your front yard, begin by ensuring there is a firm foundation. A hardscaping project that is meant to last must be built onto a foundation that won’t settle, shift or wash away. To do this, dig into the mineral soil layer below the topsoil, tamp the soil to ensure compaction and add a gravel layer to begin the leveling process.

Once the foundation is prepped, go ahead and begin installing whatever type of material you have chosen for your new walkway. Bricks, patio stones, concrete, and gravel are only a few material suggestions to create a useful new pathway for your front yard.

Try thinking outside the box when creating your hardscaping project! What about adding a neat design to your pathway, rather than a straight line?

Add a Water Feature

Adding a water feature such as a pond or fountain to your front yard can make a great focal point for your property from the street. The best part? Water features don’t have to break your bank account to be beautiful! Water features range widely in pricing and some can easily be installed by yourself.

Your imagination is the limit when planning your hardscaping project. You could always add stones and paths surrounding the water feature to make it even better.

Add a Retaining Wall to your Yard

Besides being a practical solution for holding back soil, adding a retaining wall to your front yard can be used to add a bit more texture to your landscape. They can be made out of a variety of materials, including manufactured blocks and stones.

Retaining walls can be built to a variety of different heights, but ensure you’re meeting your city’s building code before going too high. That’s why it’s nice to use a professional hardscaping service like Green Collar Landscaping. We’ll ensure your wall is within code, and safe! Retaining walls that are not build properly have the potential to collapse.

To have extra attraction, design a retaining wall that is not perfectly straight! Do this easily by using a hose or large rope to layout the retaining wall’s curve before you start digging.

Add Some Privacy to your Frontyard

Hardscaping projects serve functions other than beautifying your front yard. Add privacy to your front yard by adding fencing around the property line. Also think about adding more shade or shelter, such as installing an overhang over your front porch.

Green Collar Landscaping Can Help!

The fall is a great time to get ahead on any hardscaping project. Need some help completing your front yard hardscaping project? Or, just want an expert opinion before you complete your project on your own? If so, contact the knowledgeable team at Green Collar Landscaping for more details about our services!

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