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Hardscaping Ideas for Small Backyards.

Great hardscaping designs are easier for some than others. If you don’t have much of an imagination in life, you aren’t likely to have much when it comes to the hardscape landscaping your yard. If your backyard is small, ideas may be even harder to come by.

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Hardscaping often includes some of the more pricier items in your backyard. Things like patios, fences and retaining walls, won’t come cheap. You are only going to make this investment if done right, once. Make the most of your space and budget with these six tips and ideas.

Keep Your Hardscape Simple

Choose only a few features. In a large backyard, more than one area can be created and hardscaping can get this accomplished. If your space is on the small size, consider choosing just a few of your favourites for that space.

Uniformity in your Backyard

Now is not the time to use several different materials. A small backyard can be made to feel bigger when the view flows. For example, if a patio and walkway pavers are involved, use the same concrete in the same colour and pattern.

Be Budget Friendly

Consider your budget, stay in it and use it wisely. Make a list of all your needs and wants. Make two more columns for you’re A-list and your B list. Let your budget be your leader and your vision be your navigator. Often that small backyard can allow more luxurious hardscaping because the quantity is less. This often means that the quality can go up. Get what you need and want most for that backyard. Small budgets and small spaces can still go hand in hand.

Design Hardscaping Wisely

Trying to hardscape a small space like a postage stamp backyard will come with its own set of problems. Get creative with your design. If drainage is a problem, consider elevating your patio to avoid that water problem. When planning any fencing consider what it will do to your already small backyard. If fencing is a must, consider open fencing to maintain that visual.

Look Up

Just because the footprint of your backyard is small, doesn’t mean there isn’t space to be had. Use vertical elements when hardscaping that small backyard. A pergola, pavilion or gazebo will do the trick. Building up will trick the eye and give the illusion of space.

Declutter your Yard

Don’t’ make the mistake of hardscaping too much. An open space is just that, open. Keep your design scaled back and your small backyard will certainly look and feel a whole lot bigger than it is.

Great hardscaping ideas for small backyards will bring a look to your space like no other. Small backyards might have their challenges when it comes to hardscaping, but small backyards can be intimate, cozy. romantic, and best of all, affordable to achieve.

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