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Hardscaping Tips for an Awesome Backyard

A swimming pool and wood deck are two hardscaping elements that add value to your backyard.

It’s that time of year to spend long, relaxing moments in your backyard. Family dinners at sunset, swimming and splashing under the stars in your new pool, sipping a cool Chardonnay next to a fire- this summer can be made of memories like these. All you need is a little hardscaping to make it happen.

What is Hardscaping?

Hardscaping refers to pools, walkways, fireplaces, and other man-made materials built into your home’s natural environment. Not only do these elements increase property values, they can also make your yard a staycation haven. 

So which ones should you go with? In this blog, we review the most popular options, along with some hardscaping tips for a truly awesome backyard.

Install a Backyard Pool

Nothing turns a yard into a summer retreat like a fiberglass swimming pool. At Green Collar Landscaping, we can install a pool that compliments the natural layout of your yard and build a stylish sunbathing platform where you can catch a few rays in between laps.

Outdoor Stairs, Anyone?

If your backyard has a steep slope or you’ve got a split-level garden, add some visual interest by installing stone or wooden steps between levels. Outdoor staircases and walkways also provide a nice transition between your home and the lush green lawn.

Outdoor Fireplace for Seasonal Gatherings

Fire bowls are attractive, but nothing matches the intimate and homey feel of an outdoor fireplace. Incorporating a fireplace in your backyard hardscape design lets you use the space for outdoor gatherings even after summer ends. 

Dining Under the Stars

Eating outside is a summer tradition. An outdoor kitchen lets you bring the comforts of home outside and enjoy an enriched dining experience with family and friends. In addition to a built-in grill, consider appliances like barbecue smokers, pizza ovens, and side burners.

Waterfall for Nature’s Music

Few sounds are more relaxing than water trickling into a pool or pond. A backyard waterfall provides aesthetic appeal to any backyard landscape as well as a calm and natural backdrop for outdoor entertaining. 

Catch Some Rays in Your Courtyard

If your landscaping doesn’t support a backyard deck, a simple courtyard with stone or cement flooring gives you a dedicated space for reading, relaxing, and catching some rays. Once built, it’s easy to maintain, so go ahead and indulge.

Shelter in Place With a Backyard Pergola

Covered spaces like pergolas let you enjoy the outdoors while protecting you when the sun or rain are especially intense. If you cultivate a natural roof made of climbing vines and flowers, your pergola can take on the atmosphere of a retreat.

What Hardscaping Ideas Appeal to You?

At Green Collar Landscaping, we specialize in the planning, creation, and maintenance of hardscaping elements that add extra beauty and functionality to your yard. Our services include all aspects of garden, pool and hardscaping installation from planning and planting to lighting and management. We bring a personal as well as professional approach to each project, so to learn more about your options, call 289.339.8746 today.

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