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How a Snow Removal Company Can Be Your Best PR

We all have snowstorm horror stories, but one of our clients had a particularly harrowing one to share.

His sister rented a storage unit for a trailer she used for her business. Early one morning, after an overnight blizzard, she went to the facility to retrieve her trailer, only to find a massive snowdrift piled against the door. When she contacted the manager for help, she was told, “We don’t offer plowing services.”

Maybe the company did have a ‘no plowing’ clause somewhere in the fine print. However, when you run a business in Hamilton, working with a snow removal company can improve tenant or customer experience (as well as your bottom line).

Here’s why!

It shows that you care

When you keep entrances, walking areas, and parking lots clear of snow, it sends the message that you care. You’re proud to run a business where safety and accessibility matter. Properties that neglect snow removal also look abandoned in the winter- is that the message anyone wants to send?

You keep the property (and people) safe

When you engage professional snow removal services, the likelihood of someone being injured on the premises goes down. Expensive lawsuits aside, the goal of a business is to keep tenants and customers coming in, and the best way to do that during winter is keep all walking surfaces free of dangerous snow and ice.

People can get in and out

Aside from safety, you want people to be able to enter the building without issue. No one wants to struggle through knee-deep drifts or inch across sheet ice to get inside. A snow removal contractor can be on site when you need them, plowing away snow and laying down de-icer to make pedestrian traffic flow more smoothly.

No one gets snowed in

Maintaining a clear parking lot is critical in the wintertime. Who wants to emerge from an hour of shopping to find their car buried? When the snow is thick enough to cover up the painted parking lines, you’re looking at one big mess. A professional snow removal company will keep your lots clear, supporting safe and orderly parking (and more shopping).

Safety indoors as well as out

The more snow people have to walk through to get inside, the more slush they’ll bring in, which can make your floors dangerously slippery. With commercial snow removal, you can mitigate this problem by clearing the walkways and leaving less snow for people to track in. Your maintenance team will still have to clean up any messes, but they will be smaller ones.

How to choose a snow removal company

Not all snow removal companies are the same. So how do you determine which ones do quality work and which ones will force you to finish what they started?

When a company focuses on snow removal services during winter, they’re going to have the right equipment and a big enough team to handle everything from a regular snowfall to a snowmageddon. If your business is located in or around Hamilton, Green Collar Landscaping will get your snow problems under control and keep them that way until spring rolls around.

Looking for a snow removal company you can rely on?

You can manage the most opulent property in Hamilton, but if it becomes a messy hazard during winter, its public image will take a dive. Do you really want to put your profits on hold until the spring? Or would you rather boost safety and curb appeal no matter how blustery it gets?

At Green Collar Landscaping, we provide our commercial clients with reliable and time-sensitive snow removal services that keep your property safer during inclement weather. Our experienced staff is highly responsive, so when you need scheduled or emergency snow removal, we’re there to protect your customers and your reputation. To get a free quote on our services, call 289.339.8746 today.

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