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How to Maintain Newly Laid Sod

Newly laid sod can transform a disheveled or bare lawn into a picture-perfect image of outdoor tranquility, but it will not stay that way without the proper care. Sod, when it is first put down is fragile and requires good maintenance. The following are some tips to help you ensure that your newly laid sod becomes the beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted.

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Your newly laid sod needs to go hand in hand with your hardscaping. This not only will help to give your home amazing curb appeal (and therefore help with property value), but it will also ensure that your sod stays in place and will not be subject to a lateral shift.

Features such as retaining walls will help to keep your sod from shifting – particularly if your property is on a slope.


Watering is extremely important during the first few days after new sod has been laid. Your first watering should take place as soon as the sod has been laid and it should be watered thoroughly daily for at least a week after that.

After the first week, you can reduce your watering schedule to three times a week.


While you want to limit how much you walk on fresh sod, you will likely want to mow it after the first week or so. Be sure to use a nice sharp blade and take caution not to disturb the sod’s roots while you are cutting the grass.

Keeping your grass cut to 2.5 to 3 inches is ideal. Cutting it too short will make it more likely to get burned by the sun or overrun with weeds.


New sod should not be fertilized until the fall as doing so earlier may encourage leaf growth but not root development. If fertilizing in the fall, be sure to do so with a granular fall fertilizer.

The following spring, it will be ok to overseed the sod with a granular spring fertilizer. Fertilizer should never be applied during extreme heat, or it may cause damage to your lawn.

Pesticides and Herbicides

While pesticides and herbicides may benefit established lawns, they should never be used on new sod. These chemicals kill not only harmful insects but beneficial ones as well, meaning that the application of them could leave your new sod more vulnerable to infestations than if no chemicals had been used at all.

The best way to prevent unwanted weeds and pests in your lawn is to keep it healthy using the watering, mowing and fertilizing schedules mentioned above.

Lawn Maintenance Programs in Brantford and Hamilton Ontario

Caring for your new sod along with having the right hardscaping is key to having a beautiful lawn that gives great curb appeal to your home. Proper lawn maintenance is fairly straightforward, but it requires dedication to help roots become established.

If you would prefer to have professionals look after your lawn for you, Green Collar Landscaping offers a number of lawn maintenance programs to help you keep your lawn looking green and beautiful season after season.

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