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The Importance of Landscape Design

Browsing through pictures of beautiful gardens and plush grass might lead you to think about all the possibilities you can complete with the yard you have, but do those designs work for your home and your lifestyle? Certain landscaping might look absolutely stunning but do those people have children who run around in the yard? A dog who might dig up flower beds? Or is their yard much bigger than the space you are working with? Here are some important questions to ask and have answers for prior to having work done.

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Will it all fit in the space you have?

Make a list, or draw a design, of everything you want to have in your yard – and include absolutely everything! By visualizing everything you want to have, you might figure out you don’t have enough room or something might not fit exactly where you want it to. This will help to make sure you haven’t forgotten about anything. So when you’re actually doing the work – or close to completion – you won’t be disappointed you couldn’t include something you wanted.

Will this yard fit your lifestyle?

This is potentially the most important thing. Complex landscape design can be incredibly beautiful, but it can also be a waste of money for you if it conflicts with your lifestyle. Do you want to invest in large flower beds that take a lot of time and effort to maintain when you have a dog that will dig up the plants? Or do you want to have a yard that is full of gardens and stones without any place for your young children to run around? Be certain to stop and take time think about these things because you wouldn’t want to invest a lot of time, effort, and money, into something you won’t use.

What kind of maintenance are you willing to do?

If you decide to have a landscape company design an outdoor space for you that is complex with a lot of different kinds of plants, then it’s likely going to take a lot of effort and time to maintain it. Are you willing to do that? You can always hire landscape companies to take care of the work for you on a weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly basis but it’s a good idea to know ahead of time what you are getting into.

A landscape company such as Green Collar Landscaping will also prepare your plants for the winter, and do regular spring maintenance once the warm weather comes. The amount of time, or money, it will cost you to keep your yard looking exactly how you want it is always something to consider.

Will it affect the resale of your home?

You might be planning to stay in your home forever, but you might not either. If you aren’t planning to stay long term then is what you’re planning to do going to affect the resale of your home? Some landscaping is easy to change if the new owners don’t like it but some of it requires a lot of time, and potentially money to redo and buyers might consider that when making an offer.

Planning your landscape work before you do it is important for all of these reasons. The biggest reason though is just to make sure it will look how you want it to when all is said and done.

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