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Landscaping in Hamilton: Why it’s Pleasing to People and the Planet

Landscaping is nothing short of a science that has been elevated to an art form. Simply having a whole bunch of shrubbery in front of or behind your house or commercial building doesn’t count as landscaping. It takes careful planning and execution to achieve a particular landscape effect, as Shelley Frost explains in an article posted in

Landscaping a yard requires an upfront financial investment that ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending on how you landscape. Even after the initial investment, homeowners incur upkeep costs including watering, replacing plants, sealing wood decks and buying chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers.

advantages and disadvantages of landscaping

So just how is all the fuss worth it? It turns out that well-executed landscaping does more than just make the property look pretty. It will not just increase a property’s appeal; it will also serve some practical purposes such as saving more energy and making outdoor spaces functional, especially in the nation’s temperate states.

Landscaping your property allows you to make better use of the land.
Planned landscaping can also reduce energy costs inside the home. Trees, shrubs and other plants that shade the building or the outdoor air conditioning unit can reduce the need to run the air conditioner, while a windbreak of trees eases cold winds in the winter…

Lastly, landscaping can affect the property’s value to quite an extent. Any Realtor® knows that a property’s landscaping may make or break a sale simply because it’s something many homeowners look for. Likewise, a handsome lawn or garden can increase a property’s value even before the owner decides to sell. Furthermore, professional landscaping from Hamilton landscaping companies like Green Collar Landscaping is a must so that the property can compete with all the handsome residences in the Ontario area.

Landscaping can increase a property’s value by making it more attractive … often a selling point for a home. The landscaping can also improve your home’s appearance to match similar homes in the neighborhood.

To some, landscaping is a curse because of the sizable investment of resources, while to others, it is time and money well spent. Whether you’re frolicking in the landscape of Hamilton or frying in the Nevada desert, how you manage your garden reflects yourself. Make sure you decide prudently.

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