Looking for the confidence that your property will be kept neat, tidy and healthy every day, all year long? It sounds simple, but not a lot of providers can actually deliver. At Green Collar, we have the people and seasonal equipment that will deliver.

Our crews are made up of people that actually care about keeping their customers’ properties spotless: impeccably cut grass, tidy edges, grounds free of debris throughout the growing seasons, and clear of ice and snow in the winter. All ongoing needs are covered and any issues that might arise are handled properly because your team has the necessary expertise in plant care and maintaining public spaces. Every crew is headed by an on-site supervisor so that your grounds care is kept to schedule and quality control is assured.

Lawn Care Services

From routine lawn care and maintenance to seasonal services, you can trust us to keep your property beautiful:

Spring & Fall Cleanups – Leaf removal, grounds cleaning, plant pruning, garden beds cultivation to get your grounds ready for the growing season, or ready to head into a safe dormancy period.

Aeration – Core aeration reduces turf compaction and thatch buildup. This improves the infiltration of water and nutrients, also creating an environment where grass seed can have direct contact with the soil.

Fertilization – Give long-lasting nutrient value to your grass at just the right points in the growing season.

Lawn Cutting – A proper cut on the right schedule will provide the best results and best value for your budget.

Pruning & Trimming – Tidy trees and hedges are healthier and make a great impression

Irrigation – Whether you have a system in place or would like one installed, irrigation systems are the best and most cost-effective method of grounds watering. We’ll keep yours running in top form.

Winter Care – Snow & Ice Removal

Proper snow and ice removal is imperative on public properties. We understand that and will keep your grounds safe and clear quickly and thoroughly throughout the winter. We have the equipment and crews to ensure your paved areas are taken care of before it’s ever a problem.

If you’d like more detail or to customize a maintenance plan for your company, give us a call. We’ll work with you to develop the right package for your budget – and your peace of mind!

Located in Lynden Ontario, Green Collar Landscaping serves Brantford, Hamilton, Burlington and the Oakville areas.