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3 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look Elegant for the Holidays

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look Elegant for the Holidays

When you hear the word ‘Christmas decorations,’ what comes to mind? A blow-up Santa and reindeer in the front yard? Multi-coloured outdoor lights? A huge and glittery tree that dominates your living room window?

While these are all popular seasonal choices, they’re not for everyone. What if you prefer a more sophisticated and natural holiday look? In this blog, we’ll explore three easy ways to make your home look elegant for the holidays.

Use Natural Decorations

 With the temperature dropping and the air becoming colder, bringing the outdoors in can be a great way to get ready for the holidays and be more eco-friendly at the same time.

  • Make a ‘Branch’ Tree: If you like to scatter smaller trees throughout your home, why not forgo artificial ones in favour of recycling any fallen branches in your backyard? Collect a few, spray them gold or white to make them look extra-festive, and add a few small ornaments. 
  • Make a Pine Cone Centrepiece: Artificial pine cones are a holiday mainstay, but real ones can make even more of an impact. You can spray them a festive colour or create a more natural look by bleaching them. You can put them in a beautiful bowl for a table centerpiece that outlasts Christmas, or hang them around a tree or in a window. 
  • Dry Some Fruit: For many years, people have dried fruit such as oranges and apples for the holidays. It’s easy to dry oranges and lemons in the oven, and they’ll make your house smell great as well. Put dried fruit in a window arrangement or hang it on a Christmas tree with pine cones or other foraged items. 

Use Festive Planters

Bring the holiday spirit to your porch, patio, and garden with evergreen-filled planters. Decorate them with holiday décor, or use natural ornaments for winter containers that sparkle all winter long.

For best results, use branches that are approximately twice as tall as the planter and complement them with freshly cut evergreen, berried branches, or bundles of eucalyptus. If you don’t have evergreen trees in your backyard, visit your local florist or garden centre. Ideally, you want varying shades of green and different textures of leaves and needles. For a festive look, add an electric lantern or oversized bows.

Check Out Pinterest for Inspiration

If you’re looking for ideas on how to make your home look elegant for the holidays, you’ll find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest. Type in ‘Natural Christmas decor’ and look at what comes up! Not only will you see a wide range of possibilities, but in most cases you’ll get links to instructions on how to make these decorations yourself.

Want to Make Your Home Look Elegant for the Holidays?

The holidays are your opportunity to give your home a festive makeover. If you prefer the natural allure of fir branches and holly over tinsel and LEDs, you have a lot of options. The three holiday decoration ideas covered in this article can help you get your indoor and outdoor spaces ready to greet your family and friends for the season.

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