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One Great Reason to Make Green Collar Your Lawn Care Partner: GRASS

Lawns are what we do best here at Green Collar and we regularly receive praise for helping homeowners keep the grass greener on their side of the fence. Our customers love us for various reasons, but one acrostic is all it takes to sum up why they choose to do business with us. We hope it will remind you of our services whenever you look out at the GRASS on your lawn.

Great for your budget

There’s no getting around the fact that professional lawn care is a luxury. However, that doesn’t mean we’re going to charge you a pretty penny for our work just because we can. We started small so we know the value of hard-earned money, and we make sure we provide you with as much value as every dollar you pay us through our work on your grass and other landscaping features.

Respectful of your lawn

We love your lawn and its grass, and it gives us a sense of pride when we finish a project and see just how neat, clean, and pretty the end result turns out to be. More than that, of course, it makes us even happier to see you realize that for yourself, and we delight in seeing a smile slowly etch across your face because of what we’ve done.


Yes, we know it’s just a big word for hard-working and diligent, but we make a big deal about doing our work to the best of our abilities. We don’t hold back on going the extra mile to gain and build your trust in us. For every project, we’ll draw on all the knowledge we’ve built through the years to reward you with a beautiful grassy yard you can brag about.

Sensible with time and resources

We take great care not to waste time and resources in everything we do, for your sake and ours. In addition, we’re also sensible about keeping waste to a minimum for Mother Earth’s sake. When working on your grass, plants, and trees, we use advanced equipment that produce less air and noise pollution.

Swift and clear communication

We do our best to personally respond to any inquiry within 24 hours, and also provide a detailed report about the work we’ve done on your lawn—even if all we were tasked to do was trim your grass. We also provide recommendations and advice to help you get the most out of your landscape, and we welcome any feedback or questions you may have. For inquiries, or to set an appointment for a project evaluation, just call Green Collar at 289.339.8746.

We have you covered.

From landscape design and construction to the re-design of your yard and pool.