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Professional Snow Removal in Hamilton Can Help You Avoid Injuries

Many Hamilton residents have a decidedly chilly opinion of the winter season. Who, after all, enjoys walking on slippery sidewalks, paying costly heating bills, and catching colds or coughs?

snow shoveling with back pain

Then there’s the issue of shoveling snow off your lawn. This chore doesn’t just ruin your weekend plans; it turns out that it can also wreak havoc on your body. According to the Vaughan Chiropractic clinic’s website, snow shoveling is actually the leading cause of back and neck pain in the country:

A new poll from Canada points to snow shoveling as the leading cause of back and neck pain during the winter months. In the poll, 73 per cent of Ontario chiropractors surveyed say improper shoveling technique tops the list of reasons for winter back pain problems.

The story, reported in the January 9, 2003 Canadian News Wire, Quotes Dr. Dennis Mizel, President of the Ontario Chiropractic Association, who said, “Chiropractors are finding that some patients experience back and neck pain as a result of improper snow shoveling technique. Improper technique can be anything from bending at the waist instead of the knees to throwing snow instead of pushing it. When you combine improper technique with the average weight of one shovelful of snow (five to seven pounds) it becomes even more evident that this is a serious problem for both adults and the children who help them.”

Unfortunately, an aching back or neck is not the most serious health concern that shoveling show poses. According to a study published in Clinical Research in Cardiology, 7% of the 500 people that researchers studied began exhibiting symptoms of heart problems while removing snow.

Apparently, the excessive strain of hauling snow makes the heart work harder, thus making heart attacks more likely to occur. Furthermore, the excessive cold also causes arteries to constrict, which raises your blood pressure.

That’s why many people choose professional snow removal from Hamilton, Ontario companies like Green Collar Landscaping instead. These firms can quickly and expertly remove compacted snow so you won’t have to break your back— or your heart— doing so. With the snow cleared, you and your family can also avoid other risks such as slip-and-fall accidents, another common winter injury.

After performing snow removal for Hamilton residents, some landscaping companies can also place winter container plant arrangements to brighten up your lawn. As such, you can have an attractive snow-free lawn even at the height of winter.

(Source: Canadian Poll Says Snow Shoveling Number One Cause of Winter Back Pain,

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