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Five Reasons to Hire a Pro to Put Up Your Holiday Lights

This blog highlights 5 reasons why you should hire a pro to put up your holiday lights.

The first snow of the season has come and gone, but it’s still inspired a lot of us to take out our holiday lights at last. Not only does this decision jump-start the holiday spirit, but there’s something really magical about seeing their warm glow light up the night once they’re in place.

While some property owners opt to install their own lights, others turn to a professional. In this blog, we share five reasons to hire a pro to put up your holiday lights.

1. Holiday Light Installers Save Time

Getting ready for the holiday season takes a lot of planning. Shopping for gifts, hitting those Black Friday sales, making travel arrangements and/or preparing your home for guests will be consuming enough of your time in the coming weeks: do you really want to spend hours untangling your holiday lights, getting the ladder out of storage, and installing everything? (Maybe even reinstalling if you don’t get it right the first time.)

If you hire a pro to put up your holiday lights, you can rest assured that they’ll do the job right, leaving you more time for holiday preparations.

2. It’s a Lot Safer!

When you want to decorate your second-storey windows, tall backyard trees, and your roof, you have to climb a ladder and have some familiarity with electrical wiring. Professional lighting installers know how to get high-end results on a spacious property without risking accidental electrocution or injury.  

3. Pros Will Take Care of Maintenance

When you live in Ontario, your holiday lighting display can suffer from the harsh winter weather. Bad weather, such as strong winds, snow, hail, and ice, can damage (and even knock down) your holiday display. Holiday lights professionals can help you with everything from bulb replacement to installation of new fixtures and decorations.

4. They Use Energy-Saving Bulbs

LEDs make the best holiday lights because of their energy efficiency and durability. This is an important consideration because the lights on your property can increase your energy bill. Professional holiday light installers use commercial-grade LED lights and fixtures that last longer and consume less energy than old incandescent bulbs.

5. You’ll Get Super-Festive Results!

You can make your home the talk of the town–and the inspiration of the neighbourhood–by hiring a talented holiday lighting professional. They can personalize your display to match unique architectural details of your home, such as wraparound porches, multiple gables, winding walkways, as well as its landscaping features, like shrubbery, trees, and hardscapes.

Need a Pro to Put Up Your Holiday Lights This Year?

You’ve got enough on your plate with holiday planning. A professional lighting designer can work with you to select a design that makes the most of your home’s best features, making them look especially magical after dark. When the season ends, they’ll return, take everything down for you, and wait for you to call next year!

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