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Reinvent Your Backyard Space

With the nasty, long winter months melting away and warmer days of spring finally arrived, now is the perfect time to consider some backyard renovations. Spring is the perfect time to think about how you’re going to morph your backyard into an alluring entertainment retreat for family and friends.

Hardscape Backyard

Regardless of the size or shape of your backyard, a makeover can turn a lackluster yard into an appealing oasis of relaxation and entertainment. Even if you’re on a budget, creating a striking environment is possible with planning and creativity in order to turn your backyard into something special. With a little research, you can design your outdoor space to be more functional and livable while increasing the value of your home.

There are many ways to create a striking environment in your backyard and turn it into something unique. Thoughtful backyard improvements bring two undeniable benefits for homeowners, one is financial, and the other is personal satisfaction. Creating an appealing retreat where you can escape the hustles and bustles of the outside world is worth every dollar spent.

According to Mike Holmes of HGTV Canada, outside projects account for almost 40% of renovations and include (but are not limited to) such renovation projects as deck or patio installations, landscaping including water features and fencing. Most renovations will make a reasonable return on investment for what you spend on the upgrades because of the increased value of the property.

Here are a few backyard renovations ideas that can turn your backyard into an exterior paradise.

Backyard Decks & Patios

Decks and patios play an important role in most backyards. They are the perfect place for relaxing with family and friends. They offer an engaging outdoor area and leisurely setting for relaxing during the summer months.

Wooden decks and flagstone patios are the ideal environment for an engaging outside entertainment space where grills, fire pits, outdoor furniture, a hot tub, planters, and décor can all be combined in one relaxing area.

Interlocking Walkways & Pathways

Interlocking stone paver and flagstone walkways are a beautiful addition to any landscape. They can transform the look of the backyard from ordinary to extraordinary by providing charm and elegance to the backyard. Since flagstone comes in many shapes and sizes, it’s possible to create the ideal pathway for your backyard while enhancing the beauty of your property. They work well in any garden, are easy to maintain, and fit into most layouts. Pathways through the gardens are a great way to invite guests to stroll through the backyard.

Backyard Water Features

The beauty and tranquility that a water feature adds to a backyard is incentive enough to create one of these stunning landscaping features. A small pond or waterfall can transform any outdoor living space into a natural oasis of serenity while creating a habitat to attract birds and butterflies.

Water features can transform a backyard into a weekend retreat where the hustles and bustles of the work week melt away into relaxation and calm. There are many types of water features that you can incorporate into your backyard. They come in a variety of sizes, specifications and can suit any size budget. They can be designed to your specifications and installed by a professional landscape company like Green Collar Landscaping in Lynden Ontario.

Landscape Lighting

One of the best ways to turn a dark environment into magic is by installing low-voltage landscaping lighting. Landscape lighting adds interest and intrigue to any backyard setting. The lights provide a soft ambiance for guiding people along your garden’s pathways.

Lights can be used to accent special trees or plantings. They can add additional light to brighten a patio area for outdoor entertaining. The lights are an important feature to improve safety and security near steps. Low-voltage lighting is economical because it consumes about one-third the electricity compared to high-voltage systems, and it is far less expensive to install.

Get Started on your Backyard

Now is the perfect time of year to get started on a transformational backyard project to enhance your space. Let the professionals at Green Collar Landscaping help you turn your backyard into a sanctuary of beauty and enjoyment for your family and friends.

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