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Remember to Spring Clean Your Backyard

Now that spring is right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about waking up your backyard by giving it a good spring cleanup. As the snow melts away from your lawn, shrubbery and trees, you’re going to finally see the unsightly remains that winter produced and the mess it’s left behind.

After the rough winter we’ve had these last few months, you’re going to discover the packed leaves and fallen branches that remained on the property over winter. However, if you get a jumpstart with a good spring cleanup, you’ll be better prepared for the new growing season.

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Raking & Yard Cleanup

Cleaning up the yard is your first priority because the winter leftovers are pretty disgusting. A good raking around the shrubs will clear out any leaves, broken branches and rubbish that may have blown into your yard during winter storms.

You should rake the rest of the lawn to remove any lingering leaves and plant debris. Once the remnants are removed, your property will look neater. You will also be removing any lingering plant debris that might harbor disease or homes for pests.

During your cleanup, you might notice circles in your lawn, indicating that your lawn has snow mold. This condition can damage or even kill your grass, so if discovered, a fungicide treatment is required to kill the unwanted pathogen.

Since leaves can get lodged in shrubbery, you need to dig down into the bushes with gloved hands to remove them. By disposing of them during spring cleanup, your bushes will be prepared for new growth. Now is the time to unwrap any bushes or small trees in burlap. By removing the burlap in spring you prevent the plant from sweating. Sweating can cause stress for the plant which allows the plant to become susceptible to disease.

Pruning Shrubs and Trees

Now is a good time to remove any dead, diseased branches or shrubs due to winter kill. When the dead or diseased parts are removed, new growth is encouraged during the spring season. Climbing roses, perennials or ornamental grass can also be cut back to the ground to ensure a hearty spring growth.

Mulching Gardens

If you plan on removing the old mulch from last season in preparation for new mulch this season, spring cleanup time is the ideal time to do it before new growth on the property begins. Old mulch makes an ideal fertilizer for the garden in the summer months if you want to compost the old stuff.

First-time mulch should be added with a good layer about 2 inches deep. This will discourage the growth of weeds in your gardens. Mulch is also beneficial in holding moisture and regulating soil temperature.

Soil Rotation

If the ground has thawed enough to turn the soil in your flower beds, you can use a garden fork to loosen the earth to improve drainage. By rotating the soil, the soil is better able to absorb the nutrients and minerals that have been hibernating during the winter months.

Over-seeding your Yard

When you see the spring bulbs popping out of the ground, you can safely put down some grass seed for early lawn development. The moisture in the ground and the warmth from the sun will allow the grass seed to take hold for a strong root system and lush looking lawn.

Getting Started

Spring is a wonderful time of the year to get back outside and begin your backyard cleanup in anticipation of the warm days of summer. By doing your cleanup now, you’ll have more time to enjoy the pleasures of a beautiful and thriving backyard.

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