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Restoring Yards for Spring through Expert Snow Removal in Hamilton

With spring in full swing across the country, homeowners may want to recondition their gardens and yards in time for the imminent beautiful weather. To this end, they can eliminate snow and ice through different melting methods like salt, chemical liquid ice melters, propane burners, and simple chopping, chipping, and shoveling tools.

Restoring Yards for Spring through Expert Snow Removal in Hamilton

Not every homeowner, however, is aware of these methods or their importance. Horticulture expert Dr. Patti Nagai points out one of the most common issues that homeowners may face in their yards when snow is not removed properly:

“Snow mold is one reason grass can be matted down. This is a common fungal disease seen on the lawn where snow and ice have laid too long; it may look like silvery spider webs across the flat grass, or it could look a little slimy. The weight of the snow pushes the grass down, and the humid, cool atmosphere between soil and snow is the perfect environment for snow mold fungus to thrive.”

The slow melting process of snow and ice in lawns also heightens the chances of snow mold growth. These microorganisms don’t typically put down the grass, but they do give lawns an unsightly look. When left for some time, they can emit spores which can trigger allergies in some people. To keep this from happening, homeowners should ask the help of reliable companies that provide professional snow removal in Hamilton, Ontario, such as Green Collar Landscaping.

Most landscaping technicians are equipped with the right knowledge and skills to address various gardening concerns, especially those which may affect the health of their clients. They know that snow mold happens when the soil lacks nutrients to resist the fungi, and so they counteract that by fostering balanced soil nourishment. They can also remove piles of snow in the remaining areas to eliminate the moisture that triggers fungi development.

Though the article further states that snow mold cannot endure rising temperatures and will most likely die after a while, it’s essential for homeowners to keep their property from accumulating snow mold in the first place. Hamilton snow removal experts can efficiently get rid of the chilly, damp conditions of their lawns and pathways and bring the grass there back to life. Furthermore, they can clear heavy slush away so their clients don’t need to worry about slippery pavements and footpaths.

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