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Salt Management: Best Practices for Your Commercial Property

Salt management can make walking surfaces around your commercial property safer for tenants and their guests.

We all know how winter weather unfolds in Ontario. Intense blizzards are followed by above-seasonal temperatures that melt those piles of snow. Then the deep freeze hits, and those puddles of water on your driveways and sidewalks turn into skating rinks. 

Icy walking services represent a major liability for your commercial building. As a property manager, you need to make sure that this hazard is taken care of in order to prevent slip and fall injuries and other dangers to your tenants and their guests or customers. That means strategic salt management services everywhere that someone might be expected to enter or exit the building.

Ice: a Major Winter Hazard

Ice accumulation presents a risk on multiple levels. They include but are not limited to:

  • Property Damage: When left on the ground, ice can lead to property damage. If drifting snow piles on top of ice on a parking lot or walkway, there can be a lot of pressure on the cement. This can cause cracking and potholes that present a trip hazard once the snow recedes.
  • Tenant Safety: Your tenants and their clients, customers, or guests are entitled to a safe environment in which to live or do business. A slip and fall can result in devastating injuries such as broken bones, severe bruising, and even traumatic brain injury.
  • Employee Safety: When there is ice on the ground, not only visitors are at risk, but also the employees who come to work each day. A serious injury can leave them off of work for days.

Steps for Successful Salt Management 

Before the snow begins falling, it is essential to have a plan in place for ice removal on commercial properties. A well-rounded plan includes all of the following elements.

  • Safety Accessories: Check your stock of weather-proofing floor mats and warning signs. If anything seems worn or no longer appropriate for use, discard it and buy replacements.
  • Stock Up on Tools: Prepare for the snow and ice by stocking up on supplies such as shovels and salt. Make sure any larger equipment items, such as snow blowers, are functioning properly.
  • Check Drainage: Examine the roof and downspouts to confirm that no repairs are required. Poor drainage can cause ice to build up around the property, making it unsafe for visitors and employees. In addition, remove any drainage or spouts that cross walkways and sidewalks to prevent ice from forming around the property.
  • Hire a Commercial Snow Removal Company: Shoveling and salting the walkways around a commercial space can be a huge undertaking. A professional snow removal company can take this burden off your hands and make sure that your walkways are clear before the day begins.

Hire a Commercial Snow Removal Company for Your Salt Management Needs

Keeping sidewalks and parking lots clear of dangerous ice can take a lot of time and effort, but a commercial space must be kept safe for guests and workers. However, this does not have to be a burden. A reputable snow removal company can not only help you prepare for the inevitable, but also do all the hard work, so reach out now!

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