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Snow Removal: DIY or Go Pro With Winter Care?

Snow Removal. Wintertime keeps property managers on their toes. All it can take is a few hours to turn clear lawns and walking surfaces into the type of winter wonderland no one wants to write a song about. 

While you can’t control the weather, it’s still your responsibility to respond to those day-long ice storms and 5:00 a.m. blizzards.

So how do you keep the premises safe for tenants when snowstorms (and if you’re really unlucky, freezing rain) can happen at any time?

When you manage a commercial property in Ontario, you have two options: 

In this post, we’ll show you how to act on either one safely and successfully.

Clearing away snow yourself

If you live nearby or your properties are close together, you can invest in the equipment needed to remove snow and ice hazards. You’ll need a plow truck for driveways, a snowblower for sidewalks, and de-icing solutions to eliminate slip hazards on steps, walkways, and common areas like parking lots.

While the DIY approach may be less expensive after investing in resources, it’s not ideal. Your schedule will have to be flexible enough to ensure that you keep the property free of snow and ice so that tenants and their guests can come and go safely and on time. If you manage multiple properties or an especially large one, it may make sense to hand that demanding job over to the pros.

Hiring a snow removal service

Turning the bulk of your snow removal needs over to a professional is not only convenient- it ensures a rapid response to both forecasted events and storms that the weatherman missed. 

Look for a local company that has good references as well as the equipment and personnel needed to keep your properties clear of snow when the weather takes a downturn. When negotiating a service agreement, confirm the following:

  • How early their plows will arrive when snow falls overnight
  • How return visits will be scheduled during continuing snowfall
  • What services they offer for ice removal 

If you don’t have a snow-clearing contractor yet, line one up as soon as possible. That way, you’ll rest assured that when the weather gets aggressive, you’ll stay on top of all your snow removal needs.

Always be alert!

Even when you work with a reputable and reliable snow removal company, you’ll still need to do a certain degree of your own winter maintenance. This means:

  • Checking the exterior regularly between contractor visits
  • Having a supply of de-icer on hand for steps or walkways leading to entrances and exits
  • Laying a mat down to absorb water tracked in by tenants
  • Promptly clearing melted ice and snow off the floors
  • Asking maintenance staff to attend to these details in your absence

Keeping on top of winter maintenance will ensure that safety hazards are addressed as soon as possible, giving your tenants a safe and positive experience.

Looking for a snow removal company you can trust?

For years, Green Collar Landscaping has been the Greater Hamilton Area’s trusted choice for commercial snow removal services. Our experienced technicians are there when you need them, clearing snow and ice away from your property so that you and your tenants enjoy safety and peace of mind. To get a free quote on our property maintenance services, call 289.339.8746 today.

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