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Things to Do and Not to Do in Lawn Maintenance for Hamilton and Brantford Gardens

Keeping an appearance in a garden or lawn is one great action to commit to, as there are a lot of facets to be considered. One of these is that a garden’s appearance helps create an impression of the property towards people who gaze at it for the first time.

Garden Mistakes

In line with this thought, there are different ways to beautify a garden. A May 23, 2014 Wall Street Journal piece by Bart Ziegler points out the biggest no-no’s in lawn maintenance for Hamilton gardens and yards. One of the biggest horticulture practices that should be abolished is creating mulches that look like volcanoes surrounding the bottom of the tree:

“Resist the urge in your yard. They may look attractive, but these mulch cones can block off the oxygen that the inner bark of the tree needs, invite rodents to build nests or create excessive moisture that can rot roots or lead to growth of bacteria and fungi that can attack the bark.”

Another terrible idea for landscaping the lawn is placing flowers in a terrible spot:

“The majority of flowers, trees, vegetables and shrubs need plenty of sun, at least six hours a day. Plant them in shadier spots and they’re likely to limp along. Flowering trees may barely flower, pepper plants won’t produce peppers and shrubs will be stunted.

I thought plants labeled “part sun” would thrive in just a few hours of light a day (instead, they need at least four hours), and that “suitable for part shade” meant they would do fine in the gloom under my maple trees.”

Putting these pieces of advice into consideration, there are certain actions a homeowner can take to properly spruce up his yard. One is to greet visitors at the front gate with beds of beautiful flowers. Well-placed flowers at the front of the house will make the house’s curb appeal climb through the roof.

Another great move would be to incorporate hardscapes such as walls and fences into the design. The condition of the deck and arbor will also make a difference on how the yard will be perceived by others.

These are only some of the pointers that can help homeowners beautify their lawns. Those who do not have the confidence to maintain a well-designed lawn should not fret; instead, they should call specialists in Hamilton lawn care. Companies like Green Collar have the knowledge and experience necessary to make lawns look sharp and attractive.

(Source: Seven Big Lawn and Garden Mistakes—and How to Avoid Them, Wall Street Journal, May 23, 2014)

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