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Think of Snow Removal in Hamilton Even after Winter Runs its Course

Few provinces in Canada are as used to snow as Ontario us. However, a May 13, 2014 article by the Weather Network reports a rather uncommon meteorological phenomenon that occurred right in the full bloom of spring:

Snowfall Wanings

“As much of southern Ontario deals with heavy rain and a widespread thunderstorm threat, parts of far northern Ontario are bracing for a late spring snow storm.

“A deepening low pressure system from the American Midwest will track north reaching Hudson Bay Wednesday morning,” says Environment Canada in the snowfall warning. “Precipitation associated with the system is expected to begin this morning over the Big Trout Lake area and this afternoon over Fort Severn.”

Wet snow, possibly mixed with rain at times, will transition to all snow Tuesday afternoon as northerly winds bring temperatures near or below the freezing mark.”

Snow removal in Hamilton seems to be the last thing people want to think about when one of the worst winters in recent memory has just come to pass. However, it is good for homeowners to think ahead, and to consider their options in beautifying their lawns while they’re at it.

In general, snow won’t be falling again in Hamilton until around November; that said, snowfall in May is not an unheard-of phenomenon in the southern Ontario city. Huge blizzards can easily dump more than 25 cm of snow on the city, which can have abrupt and negative effects on daily life there.

For one, snow can be hazardous to vehicles by blocking roads and possibly causing skids. Public transportation can also be crippled by overwhelming snow. People will experience great difficulty getting to work (or anywhere at all) on time.

Fortunately, there are Hamilton snow removal services that can effectively help people clear problematic levels of snow off their properties. Moreover, services like Green Collar can make arrangements for making a household’s winter a little greener. These services also have the knowledge to help beautify a home when the sun is fully shining.

There’s no need to wait for winter just to take action against heavy levels of snow. Acquainting yourself with a reliable snow removal service ahead of time will help you and your household get through winter a lot easier.

(Source: Snowfall warnings issued in northern Ontario, up to 25 cm of snow possible, The Weather Network, May 13, 2014)

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