Green Collar Landscaping

We Live By Our Commitment to Giving You the Best Value for Your Dollar

At Green Collar, we’ve never forgotten our humble beginnings. Starting as a small company and working our way up taught us many lessons about how our customers want us to treat them. We’ve never forgotten those lessons for one simple reason: how our customers want to be treated is also how we want to be treated.

The fact of the matter is, Green Collar is nothing more than a group of individuals who have come together to form a company, and we each struggle, as individuals, to make a living. Our humble beginnings serve as a constant reminder of what it’s like to be part of the working class, and just like you, we always value every dollar we earn because we know just how hard we had to work to earn it.

It is because of this that we try to set ourselves apart from other lawn care and landscaping companies by living by our commitment to giving you the best value for your dollar. For every project that you hire us to do, we customize our quotes based on an evaluation of the project—not on an evaluation of your ability to spend for it.

We apply the same principle to execution as well. When we work on a project, you can trust us not to settle for anything less than high quality work to match the price you paid. We want you to be able to come home every day—for months, or even years after we’ve completed your landscaping project—and still be grateful for the job that we’ve done, knowing with satisfaction that you got what you paid for, if not more.

Only when both you and Green Collar are satisfied with the work and the value of the project can we deem it successful. Not until we meet that goal for you do our efforts seize; it helps each one of us sleep better at night knowing we have pleased a client, and that we can expect repeat business or a recommendation from you.

If you’d like to see our dedication to this commitment, call us at 289.339.8746 to schedule a project evaluation.

We have you covered.

From landscape design and construction to the re-design of your yard and pool.