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What You Should be Looking for when Hiring Good Hamilton Landscapers

Living in the same city as the Royal Botanical Gardens in Ontario does put a little pressure on anyone planning to have their property landscaped. Hence, this isn’t a job for the do-it-yourself part-time gardener in you (or even your brother-in-law). In an article for dated August 20, 2009, writer Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp points out some ways to select from among the most qualified Hamilton landscaping companies.

how to find the right landscaper

The first, quite simply, is to ask around. Whether through reputation or first-hand experience, your neighbors are bound to have someone to recommend. If it’s possible to view the landscaper’s previous work, this would greatly aid the decision-making process.

The second step is to find out if the landscaper is legally registered and allowed to do business in the area. They should be prepared to present any licences or permits issued to them as proof of their experience.

Make sure the landscaper meets state and local certifications or licensing requirements if warranted… The federal government requires those who apply certain chemicals to control weeds, insects or diseases be certified pesticide applicators.

The third step is to communicate all your needs and concerns to the landscaper─ how you envision the landscape, how it will be used, timetable, and other project-related concerns. When it comes to plant recommendations and similar technical subjects, always bear in mind that you’re dealing with an expert, so be sure to listen and collaborate to make this project a success.

Have some idea of what kind of landscape you want…
The landscaper should be focused on satisfying your goals rather than imposing his or her will on the project.
However, heed his or her advice regarding plants recommended for your area, engineering requirements and other technical issues.

Lastly, plan your landscape’s long-term after-installation maintenance. Some professional Hamilton landscapers have this as part of their sales package, while others will negotiate this separately. It would also be helpful to document details of the project for client and landscaper’s mutual protection.

Good landscapers will offer tips and suggestions about caring for and maintaining the plants in the landscape they just installed. Each landscaper may offer different warranties for work and plants while some may offer nothing at all.
After nearly 30 years in the landscape business, (Alden) Zove reiterates the importance of getting in writing what will be done, along with a timeline for the project.

It is indeed a long hard road to tread, but once the pieces fall into place, like a completed jigsaw puzzle, you will get to kick back and enjoy the big picture. You can do just that by entrusting the job to established landscaping companies like Green Collar Landscaping.

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